Where to Stay

Places to stay on Easter Island

There are many different types of accommodations available on Easter Island. We encourage you to visit the websites of the individual properties to get a feel for what they are like before you select a place to stay. Accommodations vary from larger hotels to small residenciales. Many provide meals and can arrange for rental cars, guided tours and other activities. You may wish to make reservations before traveling to the island, although the adventurous traveler can probably find a place to stay upon arrival. Keep in mind that during the annual Tapati festival and during other holidays, it is important to arrange for accommodations in advance.

Listings below include the name, street, and telephone; fax and web address (if available); note that we attempt to keep this list as updated as possible. Some hotels accept credit cards while others do not; please ask about the particular hotel’s policy when making your reservation.


Hotel Chez Joseph, Av. Avareipua; 56-32-210-0373; www.hotelchezjoseph.com/

Hotel Chez Maria Goretti, Av. Atamu Tekena; 56-32-210-0459

Hotel Explora Posada de Mike Rapu, Sector Vaihu;  Toll-free from US: 1-866-750-6699 or 56-32-206-6060; www.explora.com/explora-rapa-nui/

Hotel Gomero, Av. Tu’u Koihu; 56-32-2-210-0313 fax: 56-32-255-1622; www.hotelgomero.com

Hotel Hangaroa, Av. Pont, 56-32-255-3700; www.hangaroa.cl

Hotel Hotu Matua, Av. Pont; 56-32-210-0299 fax: 56-32-210-0445

Hotel Iorana, Policarpo Toro; 56-32-210-0312; www.ioranahotel.cl

Hotel Kaimana Inn and Restaurant, Av. Atamu Tekena; 56-32-255-1740; www.kaimanainn.com

Hotel Manavai, Av. Te Pito Te Henua; 56-32-210-0670 fax: 56-32-210-0658; www.hotelmanavai.cl

Hotel Manutara, Av. Hotu Matua; 56-32-210-0297 fax: 56-32-210-0768; www.hotelmanutara.cl

Hotel Oceania Rapa Nui, Av. Tu’u Koihu;  56-32-210-0356

Hotel Orongo, Av. Atamu Tekena; 56-32-210-0294; hotel-orongo.com

Hotel O’tai, Av. Te Pito Te Henua; 56-32-210-0250 fax: 56-32-210-0482; www.hotelotai.com

Hotel Poike, Av. Petero Atamu; 56-32-210-0283 fax: 56-32-210-0366; http://www.rapanuiweb.com/hotelpoike/eng.htm

Hotel Puku Vai, Av. Hotu Matu‘a; 56-32-255-1838; www.pukuvaihotel.com

Hotel Taha Tai, Av. Policarpo Toro; 56-32-255-1192; www.hoteltahatai.cl

Taura’a Hotel; Atamu Tekena; 56-32-210-0463; hoteltauraa.com/

Hotel Vai Moana, Av. Atamu Tekena; 56-32-210-0626; www.vai-moana.cl

Hotel Victoria, Av. Pont; 56-32-210-0272; www.rapanui-victoria.com/

Guest Houses / Residenciales / Hostels

Aloha Nui Guesthouse, Av. Atamu Tekena; 56-32-210-0274; fax: 56-32-210-0240; www.facebook.com/easterislandlodging/

Aukara Lodge, Av. Atamu Tekena; 56-32-210-0539; www.aukara.com/lodge-english.html

Hostal Chez Erika, Av. Tuki Haka Hevari; 56-32-210-0474; hostalchezerika.com/

Hostal Puku Rangi Uka, Puku Rangi Uka; 56-32-210-0405; www.rapanuiweb.com/pukurangiuka/eng.html

Residencial Chez Jerome, Mataveri; 56-32-210-0590; www.chezjerome.net

Residential Inaki Uhi, Atamu Tekena; 56-23-210-0231; www.inakiuhi.com

Residential Petero Atamu, Av. Petero Atamu; 56-32-255-1823; www.rapanuiweb.com/petero/default.html

Tadeo y Lili Hostal; fax: 56-32-210-0422; www.fundaciontadeolili.com/copia-de-alojamiento


Cabañas Christophe, Mataveri; 56-32-210-0826; www.cabanaschristophe.com

Cabañas Mana Ora, Sector Hinere; 56-32-210-0769; www.manaora.cl

Cabanas Morerava; Vai Kia Kia; 56-99-319-6547; 56-99-499-1898; www.morerava.com

Cabañas Pikera Uri, Sector Tahai; 56-32-210-0595; www.pikerauri.com/


Camping Mihinoa, Av. Pont; 56-32-255-1593; https://www.camping-mihinoa.com/