Tapati Festival

Tapati was first held in 1969 and was called Semana de Rapa Nui. At that time, it was a summer festival featuring singing, dancing and a small parade. Tapati has evolved into a spectacular festival that includes dancing, ritual chants, art exhibits, carving competitions, horse and boat races, body painting, a string figure (kai kai) contest, the selection of a queen, an amazing parade and a triathlon event, among other attractions such haka pei, where participants slide down the side of a mountain on banana trunks at top speeds. The entire village participates and the event ends with the annual crowning of the festival queen by moonlight at the Tahai complex. Visitors are truly enveloped in a unique and exotic Polynesian happening.

Dancing at Tapati (courtesy of Pete Kelsey)


Dancing at Tapati (courtesy of David Rose)

Tapati parade (courtesy of Charles Love)


Vaka (canoe) race (courtesy of David Rose)


Spectators at the caleta (courtesy of David Rose)

Haka pei competition (courtesy of Charles Love)


Mat weaving competition (courtesy of David Rose)

Painted Tapati backdrop (courtesy of Charles Love)


 Contestant with pora (reed float) (courtesy of David Rose)

Rapanui girls in costume (courtesy of Charles Love)

Tapati dancer (courtesy of Charles Love)

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