Please note that due to Covid-19, Easter Island is currently closed to foreign visitors

Thinking about visiting Easter Island? 

Please visit the informational links for visitors above. Below are links to information about visiting sites, island guides and tour companies. 


Ma’u Henua – Information for Visitors to Rapa Nui


Ma’u Henua, an indigenous group composed of members of the Rapa Nui community, has an informative video about visiting Rapa Nui National Park. You can watch it on YouTube via the link below:

Ma’u Henua

Professional Guided Trips to Easter Island




Far Horizons Archaeological Tours sponsors a trip to Easter Island for the Tapati Festival each year. For more information, please visit the link below:

Far Horizons Easter Island Tapati Festival Tour

Tour Guide Companies on Easter Island:

Aku Aku Turismo, Av. Tu’u Koihu, 56-32210-0770,

Kia Koe Tour, Av. Atamu Tekena, 56-32210-0852

Mahina Tour, Av. Hotu Matu’a,  56-32210-0635,

Rapa Nui Travel, Av. Tu’u Koihu, 56-32210-0548,

Haumaka Tours, 56-98459-1816,

Easter Island Travel, Te Pito o Te Henua, 56-97510-3841,

A new app to virtually visit Rapa Nui

We all wish we could visit Rapa Nui in person! There is a new app, Chile360, that enables travelers to virtually visit Rapa Nui while sheltering in place. For more information, see the link below: