Rapa Nui Journal May 2012 Vol. 26 (1)

Easter Island’s birdman stone in the collection of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Paul Horley & Georgia Lee

pp. 5-20

Behren’s narrative of the discovery of Easter Island: Two editions, two personalities, two realities

Zuzanna Jakubowska

pp. 21-30

A fast yam to Polynesia: New thinking on the problem of the American sweet potato in Oceania

Ian G. Barber

pp. 31-42

Strikes, insubordiation, theft and disobedience. Between the rebellion of Angata and Rapanui struggles for civil rights. Forms of indigenous resistance on Rapa Nui (1917-1936)

Miguel Fuentes

pp. 43-56

An overlooked image on the Hoa-haka-nana’ia stone statue from Easter Island in the British Museum

Albert Davletshin

pp. 57-63

Hoa Hakananai’a in detail: Comment on A. Davletshin’s unconvincing assertion of an “overlooked image” on the ventral side of the Orongo state now in the British Museum

Jo Anne Van Tilburg & Cristian Arevalo Pakarati

pp. 64-66

Images, which are not seen, and stolen friends, who steal: A reply to Van Tilburg and Arevalo Pakarati

Albert Davletshin

pp. 67-68

Rapa Nui in Tenerife

Paul Bahn

pp. 69-70

Thor Heyerdahl as world heritage

Reidar Solsvik

pp. 71-74

Review: Links to the Past: The Work of Early Hawaiian Artisans by Wendy Arbeit

Windy McElroy

pp. 75-76

Review: Easter Island: The Great Taboo. Rebuilding Its History after Ten Years of Excavations by Nicolas Cauwe

Christopher M. Stevenson

pp. 76-77

Review: How Chiefs Became Kings: Divine Kingship and the Rise of Archaic States in Ancient Hawai’i by Patrick V. Kirch

Timothy M. Rieth

pp. 77-78

Review: The Lost World of Easter Island by Ronald A. Reis

Georgia Lee

p. 78

Obituary: Paul Rosendahl

p. 79

Getting to know you: Alex Morrison

pp. 80-81

Moai sightings

p. 82

What’s New on Rapa Nui

p. 83

What’s New in Oceania

pp. 83-84

What’s New Elsewhere

pp. 84-85

Easter Island Foundation News

pp. 85-86

Rapa Nui Journal October 2012 Vol. 26 (2)

Awakening the Giant

Vincent R. Lee

pp. 5-16

Obsidian sources of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, central North Island, New Zealand

Phillip Moore

pp. 17-28

The Land Commission of 1917: Analysis and participation of the Rapanui

Cristian Moreno Pakarati

pp. 29-41

New Zealand Place names in South Polynesia

Andrew Crowe

pp. 43-53

Name lists connected with the birdman cult of Easter Island in the field notes of Katherine Routledge

Paul Horley

pp. 55-74

Rano Raraku: A brief overview of six seasons of excavations, three seasons of conservation interventions, and a heritage management program, 2010-2012

Jo Anne Van Tilburg and Cristian Arevalo Pakarati

pp. 75-81

Terevaka.net Archaeological Outreach 2012 field report: Community-based archaeology

Britton Shepardson, Dylan Shepardson, Kamila Astete, Natalia Cifuentes, Moira Fortin, Merhai Hey, Tahira Hey, Lilian Lopez, Macarean Terongo, Francisco Torres and Hamene Tuki

pp. 82-84

Review: The Moon Has Been Eaten: Images from a Year on Easter Island by James Craig

Antoinette Padgett

pp. 85-86

Review: Beelden van Paaseiland – over de duurzaamheid van een cultuur (Statues of Easter Island – about the sustainability of a culture) by Jan J. Boersema

Veerle de Ridder

pp. 86-87

Review: Aphrodite’s Island: The European Discovery of Tahiti and William Bligh in the South Seas by Anne R. Salmond

James L. Flexner

pp. 87-89

Review: The Austral Islands: History, Art and Art History by Rhys Richards

Jennifer M. Huebert

pp. 89-90

Review: A Companion to Easter Island: A Concise Guide to the History, Culture and Individual Archaeological Sites of Rapa Nui by James Grant Peterkin

Susie Stephen

pp. 90-91

Obituary: Francis J. Morin

pp. 92-93

Getting to Know You: Jo Anne Van Tilburg


What’s New on Rapa Nui

p. 96

What’s New in Oceania

p. 96

What’s New Elsewhere

pp. 96-97

Easter Island Foundation News

pp. 97-99

Featured EIF Publication: Te Moana Nui: Exploring the Lost Isles of the South Pacific

p. 100