2010 (Volume 24)

Rapa Nui Journal May 2010 Vol. 24(1)

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From the Editors

p. 4

The Rano Kau 2 pollen diagram: Palaeoecology revealed

K.R. Butler, J.R. Flenley
pp. 5-10

The German-Chilean Expedition to Easter Island (1957-58) Part One

Steven Roger Fischer
pp. 11-19

Captain A.W.F. Fuller’s contribution to the Field Museum’s Easter Island collection

Dale F. Simpson Jr.
pp. 20-28

The Polynesian – Mapuche connection: Soft and hard evidence and new ideas

José Miguel Ramírez Aliaga
pp. 29-33

Damage to archaeological sites on Tutuila Island (American Samoa) following the 29 September 2009 tsunami

David J. Addison, Christopher W. Filimoehala, Seth J. Quintus, Tom Sapienza
pp. 34-44

Rongorongo tablet Keiti

Paul Horley
pp. 45-56

A look back

Dick Wilhelm
pp. 57-60

Getting to know you: Andreas Mieth

pp. 61-63

Obituary: Emeritus Professor Roger Green: Mischievious raconteur and mentor (1932-2009)

Alice A. Storey
pp. 63-65

Obituary: Roger Curtis Green: a tribute and celebration. A special memorial at the Fale Pasifika of the University of Auckland, 30th October 2009

Steven Roger Fischer
p. 65

Obituary: Knut M. Haugland

Thor Heyerdahl Jr., Reidar Solsvik
pp. 65-66

Review: Questioning collapse: Human resilience, ecological vulnerability and the aftermath of empire, by P.A. McAnany and N. Yoffe (eds.)

John Flenley, Paul Bahn
pp. 66-67

Review: Of rats and man – commentary on Revisiting Rapa Nui (Easter Island) “ecocide” in Pacific Science (2009) and Ecological catastrophe, collapse, and the myth of “ecocide” on Rapa Nui (Easter Island), a chapter in Questioning collapse: Human resilience, ecological vulnerability, and the aftermath of empire (2010)

John Flenley, Paul Bahn
pp. 68-70

Review: The Polynesian tattoo today, by Tricia Allen

Georgia Lee
p. 71


p. 71

Moai sightings

p. 72

What’s new in the Pacific

p. 73

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 73-77

What’s new elsewhere

pp. 77-78

Easter Island Foundation news

pp. 78-80

Rapa Nui Journal October 2010 Vol. 24(2)

Announcement of 8th International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific

p. 4

From the Editors

p. 5

Sourcing obsidian and pitchstone from the Wakanui Site, Canterbury, New Zealand

Bridget Mosley, Mark D. McCoy
pp. 6-15

Evaluating Rapa Nui prehistoric terrestrial resource degradation

Christopher M. Stevenson, Sonia Haoa, Thegn N. Ladefoged, Mara A. Mulrooney, Peter M. Vitousek, Oliver A. Chadwick, Cedric Puleston
pp.  16-17

Ancient Rapanui water management – German archaeological investigations in Ava Ranga Uka A Toroke Hau, 2008-2010

Burkhard Vogt, Johannes Moser
pp. 18-26

Fiji revisited: A field report of the Rock Art Survey Project 2009

Sidsel Millerstrom, María Cruz Berrocal
pp. 27-35

Voluntary trip or deportation? The case of King Riroroko and policies of deportation on Easter Island (1897-1916)

Rolf Foerster
pp. 36-46

The German-Chilean Expedition to Easter Island (1957-58), Part Two

Steven Roger Fischer
pp. 47-57

A look back

p. 58

Getting to know you: Sidsel Millerstrom

pp. 59-61

Review: Rapa Nui: Iorana te ma’ohi. Dilemas estratégicos, by various authors

Rolf Foerster, Riet Delsing
pp. 61-63

Review: Fuegos, hornos y donaciones. Alimentación y cultura en Rapa Nui. Un esayo antropológico, by Sonia Montecino Aguirre

Grant McCall
pp. 63-64

Review: Archaeological investigations of marae structures in Huahine, Society Islands, French Polynesia, by Paul Wallin and Rediar Solsvik

Georgia Lee
pp. 64-65

Review: Easter Island on the air: British TV and radio

Paul G. Bahn
pp. 65-66

Review: Articulating Rapa Nui: Polynesian cultural politics in a Latin American nation-state, by Riet Delsing

Steven Roger Fischer
pp. 66-67

Comment: New claims for moai roads

Britton L. Shepardson
pp. 67-68

Moai sightings

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p. 70

What’s new in the Pacific

pp. 70-71

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 72-78

What’s new elsewhere

pp.  78-79

Easter Island Foundation news

p. 80