2004 (Volume 18)

Rapa Nui Journal May 2004 Vol. 18(1)

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From the Editors

p. 5-6

Obituary: Emily Ross Mulloy

p. 6

Obituary: Robert Langdon

p. 6

Archaeological excavation at Vinapu (Rapa Nui)

Helene Martinsson-Wallin
pp. 7-9

Nothing but stones? A review of the extent and technical efforts of prehistoric stone mulching on Rapa Nui

Hans-Rudolf Bork, Andreas Mieth, Bernd Tschochner
pp. 10-14

Paradoxical hyperbole: Imagining Rapa Nui’s remoteness and mystery

Douglas J. Porteous
pp. 15-17

Rapa Nui: A hyperbolic iconography

Douglas J. Porteous
pp. 17-19

What’s new in Maastricht, the Netherlands

Herbert von Saher
p. 19

Where have all the koro gone?

Grant McCall
pp. 20-22

Coming of age on Rapa Nui: On doing anthropological field work among the Rapanui youth

Olaug Irene Røsvik Andreassen
pp. 22-23

Colonialism and resistance in Rapa Nui

Riet Delsing
pp. 24-30

Rapa Nui’s sea creatures

Georgia Lee
pp. 31-38

Where does the Santiago staff begin?

Jacques B.M. Guy
pp. 39-41

Reply to Guy

Steven R. Fischer
p. 42

‘A pó: the Rapa Nui youth archaeology program, Puna Pau field report

Britton L. Shepardson, Irene Arévalo Nazrala, Turi Atan Rodriguez, Makarena Barría Orellana, Nikolás Cortés Pakomio, Samson Jacobo Riroroko, Valeria Jara Bustos, Camilo Johnson Amorrortu, Vaitiare Merino Rapu, Yasna Monares Zuñiga, Francisca Pont Icka, Francisco Torres Hochstetter, Verónica Vergara Salvatierra
pp. 43-46

A look back: Voyage to Easter Island, 1877, by Alphonse Louis Pinart

Ann M. Altman
pp. 47-55

Early speculations on Rapanui: Letter from Thomas Croft to Alphonse Pinart, 1876

Yoram Meroz
pp. 56-57

Review: Fifty years in the field. Essays in honour and celebration of Richard Shutler Jr.’s archaeological career, by Stuart Bedford et al. (eds.)

Mike Carton, Dave Tuggle
pp. 58-60

Review: The riddle of pre-contact World maps: 1421, the year China discovered America, by Gavin Menzies

Herbert von Saher
pp. 60-66

Review: Easter Island: Scientific exploration into the World’s environmental problems in microcosm, by John Loret et al. (eds.)

Shawn McLaughlin
pp. 66-67

Review: Moon Handbooks Tahiti, including the Cook Islands, by David Stanley

Shawn McLaughlin
p. 68

Review: Moon Handbooks: Micronesia, by Neil M. Levy

Felicia R. Beardsley
pp. 68-69

Letters to the Editor

pp. 69-70

Moai sightings

p. 71

What’s new in the Pacific

pp. 72-74

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 74-78


pp. 78-79

Easter Island Foundation news

pp. 79-80

Rapa Nui Journal October 2004 Vol. 18(2)

From the Editors

p. 85-86

Rongorongo and the rock art of Easter Island

Shawn McLaughlin
pp. 87-94

Phytolithic evidence for the introduction of Schoenoplectus californicus subsp. totora at Easter Island

L.Vrydaghs, C. Cocquyt, T. Van de Vijver, P. Goetghebeur
pp. 95-106

Where in the World are the moai?

Len Sharp, Fran Nottage
p. 107

Studying Easter Island’s molluscan fauna

Brett K. Raines
pp. 108-111

Feast and famine: a gourmet’s guide to Rapa Nui

Georgia Lee
pp. 112-117

A look back: Travel round the World onboard the ship Neva performed in 1803, 1804, 1805 and 1806 by Yuri Lisjanskij

Paul Horley
pp. 118-125

Images of the Marquesas from the Krusenstern expedition, 1804

Carol S. Ivory
pp. 126-130

A peek backward

p. 131

Getting to know you: Charles M. Love

pp. 132-134

Review: The long summer: How climate changed civilization, by Brian Fagan

Georgia Lee
p. 134

Review: Between Nature and Culture: The burial of the placenta in French Polynesia, by Bruno Saura

Ann M. Altman
pp. 134-135

Review: Ra’ivavae. Archaeological survey of Ra’ivavae, French Polynesia, by Edmundo Edwards

Sidsel Millerstrom
pp. 135-136

Review: Early visitors to Easter Island, 1864-1877. The reports of Eugène Eyraud, Hippolyte Roussel, Pierre Loti and Alphonse Pinart (translated by Ann M. Altman)

Shawn McLaughlin
pp. 136-137

Letters to the Editor

pp. 137-138

Moai sightings

pp. 138-139

What’s new elsewhere

p. 139

What’s new in the Pacific

pp. 140-142

What’s new in Hanga Roa

p. 142


p. 142-143

Easter Island Foundation news

pp. 143-144