Rapa Nui Journal May 2013 Vol. 27 (1)

Letters to the Editor

p. 4

Towards a characterization of colonial power on Rapa Nui (1917-1936)

Miguel Fuentes & Cristian Moreno Pakarati

pp. 5-19

New Zealand place names shared with the Hawaiian Archipelago

Andrew Crowe

pp. 21-36

The large rongorongo tablet from the collections of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

Paul Horley

pp. 37-61

Variable horticulture within a small garden on Ahuahu (Great Mercury Island)

Krystle Davis & Thegn N. Ladefoged

pp. 63-69

A note on the taxonomy, ecology, distribution and conservation status of the ferns (Pteridophytes) of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Jean-Yves Meyer

pp. 71-83

Report: Conservation of cultural resources in the National Park of Rapa Nui: challenges beyond material preservation

Irene Arevalo Nazrala

pp. 85-86

Report: The voyage of Waka Tapu to Rapa Nui

Mara Mulrooney

pp. 87-89

Review: Rapa Nui, Primeras Expediciones Europeas, by Rolf Foerster

Cristian Moreno Pakarati

pp. 90-91

Review: A Shark Going Inland is My Chief: The Island Civilization of Ancient Hawai’i, by Patrick Kirch

Mike T. Carson

pp. 91-92

Getting to Know You: Irene Arevalo Nazrala

pp. 93-94

What’s New on Rapa Nui

pp. 95-96

What’s New in Oceania

pp. 96-97

What’s New Elsewhere

p. 97

Easter Island Foundation News

pp. 97-98

Song in the Spotlight: Pou Va’e Tea

p. 99

Featured EIF Publication: The Ceremonial Center of Orongo

p. 100

Rapa Nui Journal October 2013 Vol. 27 (2)

Letters to the Editor

p. 4

New insights in conservation of Sophora toromiro (Phil.) Skottsb., emblematic species of the South Pacific

Jaime Espejo & Francisco Rodriguez

pp. 5-9

The paintings of Ana Kai Tangata cave, Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Georgia Lee & Paul Horley

pp. 11-32

Temple renovations, aggregate marae, and ritual centers: The ScMo-15 Complex, Lower Amehiti District, ‘Opunohu Valley, Mo’orea (Society Islands)

Jennifer Kahn

pp. 33-49

A hydrogeologic overview and discussion of sources of groundwater pollution on Rapa Nui

Katherine Rosa

pp. 51-59

One moai’s trip to New York City: the amazing story behind the stunning photographs of a Tongariki moai in New York City in 1968

Brigid Mulloy

pp. 60-65

Terevaka.net Archaeological Outreach 2013 field report: Approaching sustainability

Britton Shepardson, Beno Atan, Gonzalo Droppelman, Gina Pakarati, Mahanua Wilkins, Hannah Falvey, Bruna Fornasier, Kiara Gonzales, Jorge Hager, Onetea Haoa, Hanjarau Ika, Maori Pakarati, Vistor Pakarati, Eva Pakarati, Franco Perez, Kent Redell, Makenon Tuki & Nani Tuki

pp. 66-70

Ten years of the William Mulloy Library at the Sebastian Englert Museum on Rapa Nui

Brigid Mulloy

pp. 71-72

Review: Wyspa Wielkanocna. Eskulap na Rapa Nui [Easter Island. A Doctor on Rapa Nui], by Zdzisaaw Jan Ryn

Zuzanna Jakobowska

pp. 73-74

Review: Odkryta przypadkiem, pojeta opacznie. Wyspa Wielkanocna w osiemnastowiecznych relacjach podrózników na tle rozwazan o spotkaniu kultur (Discovered by Chance, Interpreted Amiss: Easter Island in the 18th Century Travel Reports as Seen from Intercultural Encounters Perspective), by Zuzanna Jakubowska

Rafal M. Wieczorek

pp. 75-77

Review: Islands: From Atlantis to Zanzibar, by Steven Roger Fischer

Georgia Lee

p. 77

Getting to Know You: Mark McCoy

pp. 78-79

What’s New on Rapa Nui

pp. 80-81

What’s New at the MAPSE

p. 81

What’s New in Oceania

pp. 81-82

What’s New Elsewhere

p. 82

Featured EIF Publication: The Easter Island Bulletins of William Mulloy

p. 83

Song in the Spotlight: Henua

p. 84