Rapa Nui Journal May 2016 Vol. 30 (1)

The Pacific Archive of Edwin N. Ferdon

Reidar Solsvik

pp. 5-10

Foreign visitors to Easter Island 1772 to 1862: Isolation proved a high price to pay

Rhys Richards

pp. 11-12

Two unusual moko figurines from the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem

Rafal Wieczorek

pp. 13-18

Notes from the field: Ahu Nau Nau and Ahu Ature Huki, Anakena, 1982

Charles M. Love

pp. 19-32

Computer modeling of a turtle pendant and a moai kavakava from Easter Island

Catherine Orliac, Michel Orliac, and Paul Horley

pp. 33-42

Ancient bones in honor of the goddess Sinlaku: New findings on the island of Kosrae, Eastern Micronesia

Adam Thompson

pp. 43-51

Retracing Routledge Exhibition in Darlington, England

Susie Stephen

pp. 52-54

Review: Abundance and Resilience: Farming and Foraging in Ancient Kaua’i, Julie S. Field and Michael W. Graves (Eds.)

Summer Moore

pp. 55-56

Review: Ancient Moonshots: Megalithic Mysteries from before Technology, by Vincent R. Lee

Georgia Lee

p. 56

Review: Easter Island Sketchbook. An Artist’s Journey to the Mysterious Land of Giant Stone Statues, by Susan A. Sternau

pp. 56

Getting to Know You: Annette Kuhlem

pp. 57-59

What’s New on Rapa Nui

pp. 60-62

What’s New in Oceania

p. 62-63

What’s New Elsewhere

p. 63-64

Easter Island Foundation News

pp. 64-65

Featured EIF Publication: Easter Island 1793-1861: Observations by Early Visitors Before the Slave Raids

p. 66

Song in the Spotlight:Te Nehe Nehe o te Manutara

p. 67

Rapa Nui Journal October 2016 Vol. 30 (2)

Rapa Nui rock art in context: Steps toward an understanding of the inscribed landscape inside the caldera of Rano Kau Volcano

Patrick C. McCoy

pp. 5-34

Reports and Commentaries Ana O Keke and Ana More Mata Puku: The neru caves of Easter Island

Hartwig-E. Steiner

pp. 35-50

Designs carved on the Rapa Nui stone pillows ngarua

Jose Miguel Rami­rez-Aliaga

pp. 51-60

Terevaka Archaeological Outreach (TAO) 2016 field report: Exploring a new dimension

Britton L. Shepardson, Juan Luis Atan, Catie Chiara, Claire Dillon, Chris Francis, Gonzalo Droppelmann, Mariana Homberger Paoa, Mihi’ua Lagos Rojas, Angelica Sanchez, Lizbeth Soto Hereveri, Motirohiva Soto Hereveri, Haukoa Tuki Atan, Taharoa Tuki Torres, Nicole Villacres, and Grace Villanueva Tuki

pp. 61-64

The search for Thomson’s lost platform, Ahu Rikiriki

Paul Horley


The search for Thomson’s lost platform, Ahu Rikiriki

Reidar Solsvik


Review: Unearthing the Polynesian Past. Explorations and Adventures of an Island Archaeologist, by Patrick Vinton Kirch

Thegn Ladefoged

p. 95

Review: The Survival of Easter Island– Dwindling Resources and Cultural Resilience, by Jan J. Boersema

Annette Kuhlem

p. 96-97

Review: The Rahui: Legal Pluralism in Polynesian Traditional Management of Resources and Territories, Tamatoa Bambridge (Ed.)

Alex E. Morrison

pp. 97-99

Review: Skeletal Biology of the Ancient Rapanui (Easter Islanders), Vincent Stefan and George Gill (Eds.)

Sian Ellen Halcrow

pp. 99-100

Remembering Georgia Lee

pp. 101-114

What’s New on Rapa Nui

pp. 115-118

What’s New Elsewhere

p. 118

Featured EIF Publication: Rapa Nui. Island of Memory

p. 119

Song in the Spotlight: Ka Oho Mai Ra Koe

p. 120

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