Rapa Nui Journal May 2015 Vol. 29 (1)

A new archaeological field survey of the site of Nan Madol, Pohnpei

Mark D. McCoy, Helen A. Alderson, and Adam Thompson

pp. 5-22

A new manuscript of Pua Ara Hoa ‘a Rapu from the archives of William Mulloy, Part 2: The manuscript in the context of known Rapanui manuscripts

Paul Horley and Lilian Lopez Labbe

pp. 23-44

Picasso and the Easter Island “palm”

Paul G. Bahn, Catherine Orliac, and Michel Orliac

pp. 45-48

Report: Retracing Routledge – following the path of the Mana Expedition and Katherine Routledge – on foot and by bike from Darlington to Rapa Nui in 2014

Susie Stephen

pp. 49-57

2014-15 Ph.D. fieldwork report

Dale F. Simpson Jr.

pp. 58-66

Review: Un moai para Japon, by Ana Maria Arredondo

Georgia Lee

p. 67

Review: Foreign Visitors to the Cook Islands:Â 1773 to 1840 (Nga Papa’a mua ki teia pa enua), by Rhys Richards

Alex E. Morrison

pp. 67-68

Review: Monumentality and Ritual Materialization in the Society Islands: The Archaeology of a Major Ceremonial Complex in the ‘Opunohu Valley, Mo’orea, by Jennifer Kahn

Paul Wallin

pp. 68-70

Getting to Know You: Rafael Rapu

pp. 71-72

What’s New on Rapa Nui

p. 73

What’s New in Oceania

p. 73

What’s New Elsewhere

pp. 74-77

Easter Island Foundation News

pp. 78-79

Featured EIF Publication: Ingrained Images. Wood Carvings from Easter Island

p. 81

Song in the Spotlight: Hotu Matu’a

p. 82

Rapa Nui Journal October 2015 Vol. 29 (2)

The Rapanui diaspora in Tahiti and the lands of Pamatai (1871-1970)

Diego Munoz

pp. 5-22

The 1946 trip to Rapa Nui through the photographs of Gerstmann, Helfritz, and Felbermayer

Tania Basterrica Brockman and Betty Haoa Rapahango

pp. 23-38

Ancient systems of resource management on the island of Pohnpei, Micronesia

Adam Thompson

pp. 39-46

Terevaka Archaeological Outreach (TAO) 2015 field report: Archaeology, conservation, and toponymy

Britton L. Shepardson, Beno Atan, Toria Calderon, Gonzalo Droppelmann, Julia Godinez, Catalina Gonzalez, Victoria Guerrero, Yumi Ika, Madison Ledesma, Omar Monares, Erin Mullin, Ariki Nahoe, Tiare Pakarati, Franco Perez, Ietu Quezada, Sara Sanford, Dylan Shepardson, and Ma’eha Te Ra’a

pp. 47-51

Terevaka Archaeological Outreach (TAO) 2015 field report: Engineering and renewable energy

Matthew Petney, Marilla Lamb, Dylan Shepardson, Britton L. Shepardson, Eduardo Arancibia, Beno Atan, Tea Belen, Gonzalo Droppelmann, Julia Godinez, Kamilha Haunani, Kiara Icka, Katalina Isla, Madison Ledesma, Omar Monares, Erin Mullin, Akivi Nahoe, Ariki Nahoe, Sara Sanford, and Tahira Tuki

pp. 52-55

Review: Rapa Nui. El Colonialismo Republicano Chileno Cuestionado (1902-1905), by Rolf Foerster (Ed.)

Cristian Moreno Pakarati

pp. 56-57

Review: Articulating Rapa Nui. Polynesian Cultural Politics in a Latin American Nation-State, by Riet Delsing

Diego Munoz

pp. 57-59

Review: Collecting Easter Island – Stamps and Postal History, by Steve Pendleton and David Maddock

Christopher Stevenson

pp. 59-60

Review: The Treasure of Easter Island, by Geronimo Stilton

Antoinette Padgett

p. 60

Getting to Know You: Diego Munoz

pp. 61-63

What’s New on Rapa Nui

pp. 64-66

What’s New in Oceania

pp. 66-67

What’s New Elsewhere

pp. 67-71

Easter Island Foundation News

pp. 72

Featured EIF Publication: Easter Island. The Essential Guide

pp. 73

Song in the Spotlight: Mata Rangi

p. 74






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