Rapa Nui Journal May 2014 Vol. 28 (1)

Letter to the Editor

p. 4

New Zealand place names shared with Central East Polynesia

Andrew Crowe

pp. 5-21

Ascension: proposal for a reconstruction of Ure Vaeiko’s Apai recitation

Mary de Laat

pp. 23-37

Hoa Hakananai’a, an Easter Island statue now in the British Museum, photographed in 1868

Mike Pitts

pp. 39-48

Comment on M. Pitts’ Hoa Hakananai’a, an Easter Island statue now in the British Museum, photographed in 1868

Jo Anne Van Tilburg

pp. 49-52

Comments on historical images of the moai Hoa Hakananai’a

Georgia Lee, Paul Horley & Paul Bahn

pp. 53-59

Coastal climate change impacts for Easter Island in 2100

Lincoln Quillam, Ron Cox & Michael Wright

pp. 60-67

The Forsters back in the spotlight: Unknown manuscript on Easter Island discovered in Poland

Zuzanna Jakubowska

pp. 68-87

Review: Moai: A new look at old faces, by Britton L. Shepardson

Alex Morrison

pp. 88-89

Review: Rapa Nui y la Compania Explotadora 1895-1953, Miguel Fuentes (editor)

Moira Fortin

pp. 89-91

Review: The Ancient Hawaiian State: Origins of a Political Society, by Robert J. Hommon

Jennifer Kahn

pp. 91-93

Review: Corpus Rapa Nui. Inventaire mondial de la statuaire en bois de l’Ile de Paques/Corpus Rapa Nui. Global inventory of the wooden staturary of Easter Island, by Francois Dederen

Rafal Wieczorek

pp. 93-94

Getting to Know You: Cristian Moreno Pakarati

pp. 95-96

What’s New on Rapa Nui

pp. 97-98

What’s New at the MAPSE

pp. 98-99

What’s New in Oceania

p. 99

What’s New Elsewhere

p. 100

Easter Island Foundation News

pp. 100-102

Featured EIF Publication: Pacific Landscapes

p. 103

Song in the Spotlight: Tangi Tangi

p. 104

Rapa Nui Journal May 2014 Vol. 28 (2)

Notice of 9th International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific

p. 4

The dressed stone manufacturing technology of Rapa Nui: A preliminary model based on evidence from the Rano Kau, Maunga Tararaina, and Ko Ori quarries

Patrick C. McCoy

pp. 5-23

Kinship predicaments in Rapa Nui (Easter Island): Autochthony, foreign and substantial identities

Diego Munoz

pp. 25-34

A new manuscript of Pua Ara Hoa ‘a Rapu from the archives of William Mulloy, Part 1: Description of the manuscript

Paul Horley & Lilian Lopez Labbe

pp. 35-48

More on Hoa Hakananai’a: Paint, petroglyphs, and a sledge, and the independent value of archaeological and historical evidence

Mike Pitts

pp. 49-54

The Fritz Felbermayer legacy

Betty Haoa Rapahango & Tania Basterrica Brockman

pp. 55-60

Terevaka Archaeological Outreach 2014 field report: Meeting community objectives

Britton Shepardson, Dylan Shepardson, Gonzalo Droppelmann, Kelsey Briggs, Tate Larrick, Rocio Ramirez, Beno Atan, Gina Pakarati, Mahanua Wilkins, Jannis Fuentes, Hangarau Ika, Carla Moncada, Hana Paoa, Franco Perez, Iovani Tuki, Jorge Tuki, Tahira Tuki, Teatahero Tuki & Maurice Valdebenito

pp. 61-65

Representations of Rapa Nui in Chilean literature: The case of Pablo Neruda

Marisol Galilea

pp. 68-73

Impacts to tourism and loss of cultural heritage from climate change and adaptation recommendations

Petra Campbell, Grant McCall & Angelique Easton

pp. 74-80

Review: Vistiendo Rapa Nui. Textiles Vegtales. Kaka’ara o te Kahu (Dressing Rapa Nui. Plant Textiles) by Andrea Seelenfreund (editor)

Jose Miguel Ramirez

pp. 81-84

Review: When the Universe was an Island. Exploring the Cultural and Spiritual Cosmos of Ancient Rapa Nui by Edmundo and Alexandra Edwards

Georgia Lee

pp. 84-85

Review: Naar het aards paradis. Het rusteloze leven van Jacob Roggeveen, ontdekker van Paaseiland (1659-1729) [To the earthly paradise. The restless life of Jacob Roggeveen, discoverer of Easter Island (1659-1729)] by Roelof van Gelder

Peter Mason

pp. 85-86

Review: Easter Island’s Silent Sentinals: The Sculpture and Architecture of Rapa Nui by Kenneth Treister, Patricia Vargas Cassanova and Claudio Cristino

Britton Shepardson

pp. 86-87

Review: Still More to Discover: Easter Island in the Unknown Manuscript by the Fortsers from the 18th Century by Zuzanna Jakubowska

Christopher (A.K.A. Krzysztof Konstanty) Vobrich

pp. 87-89

Review: Hawaiki Rising: Hokule’a, Nainoa Thompson, and the Hawaiian Renaissance by Sam Low

Ben Davies

pp. 80-90

Getting to Know You: Burkhard Vogt

pp. 91-92

What’s New on Rapa Nui

pp. 93-96

What’s New at the MAPSE

pp. 98-99

What’s New in Oceania

p. 96

What’s New Elsewhere

p. 96-98

Featured EIF Publication: Easter Island Settlement Patterns in the Late Prehistoric and Protohistoric Periods

p. 99

Song in the Spotlight: Uka Neru

p. 100