Rapa Nui Journal May 2011 Vol. 25(1)

2nd announcement of the 8th International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific

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From the Editors

pp. 5-6

Rapa Nui: a climatically constrained island?

Cesar N. Caviedes, Peter R. Waylan
pp. 7-23

The first plane flight to Easter Island – the Roberto Parrague Singer story

David Maddock
pp. 25-30

Palaeographic analysis of the Santiago staff

Paul Horley
pp. 31-43

Ahu Akivi Celebration, October 12, 2010

Brigid Mulloy
pp. 44-48

Letters from the island: The Mulloy family’s year on Rapa Nui, 1960-1961

Brigid Mulloy
pp. 49-54

Getting to know you: Thegn Ladefoged

p. 54

Obituary: Irina Fedorova

Olga Fedorova
p. 55

Obituary: Roger Neich

Harry Allen
p. 56

Review: Easter Island: An Epic Voyage / Ile de Paques: Le Grand Voyage, Montreal Museum of Archaeology & History

Paul Bahn
p. 57

Review: L’Ile de Paques. Approche Historique, by Guy Chagnon

Paul Bahn
pp. 57-58

Review: The Caves of Easter Island: Underground World of Rapa Nui / Las Cuevas de la Isla de Pascua: El Mundo Subterraneo de Rapa Nui, by Andre Ciszewski, Jan Ryn Zdzislaw and Mariusz Szelerewicz (eds.)

Paul Horley
pp. 58-59

Review: Polynesia. The Mark and Carolyn Blackburn Collection of Polynesian Art, by Adrienne Kaeppler

Georgia Lee
p. 59

Review: Tahiti, by David Stanley

Georgia Lee
pp. 59-60

Review: Fiji, by David Stanley

Georgia Lee
p. 60

Review: Rapa Nui: Un Mundo Perdido al Este Polinesia. La Ultima expedicion de Thor Heyerdahl, by Francesc Amoros

Helene Martinsson-Wallin
p. 61

Moai sightings

p. 62

What’s new on Rapa Nui

p. 63-64

What’s new in Oceania

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What’s new elsewhere

pp. 65-66

Easter Island Foundation news

pp. 66-68

Rapa Nui Journal October 2011 Vol. 25(2)

Information about the 8th International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific

p. 4

Pre-Columbian chickens of the Americas: a critical review of the hypotheses and evidence for their origins

Alice A. Storey, Daniel Quiroz, Nancy Beavan & Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith
pp. 5-19

The tempo of change in the leeward Kohala field system, Hawai’i Island

Thomas S. Dye
pp. 21-30

The double-body glyphs and palaeographic chronology in the rongorongo script

Rafal M. Wieczorek
pp. 31-40

Geochemical characterization of volcanic glass from Pu’u Wa’awa’a, Hawai’i Island

Mark D. McCoy
pp. 41-49

A little diety from Mangareva in the collections of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Rome

Catherine Orliac
pp. 51-54

Terevaka.net Archaeological Outreach 2011 field report: Less is more

B. Shepardson, N. Barrera, R. Gulbraa, D. Henriquez, M. Hernandez, T. Hey, T. Hucke, L. Lopez, A. Rapu, S. Salinas, D. Simpson, M. Terongo, F. Torres, H, Tuki, E. Valdivia & V. Wilkins
pp. 55-57

Mana Expedition plaque unveiling, Darlington, England

Susie Stephen
p. 58

Review: The Statues that Walked, by Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo

Mark Golitko
pp. 59-60

Review: The Statues that Walked, by Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo

John Flenley and Paul Bahn
pp. 60-62

Review: La Compania Explotadora de Isla de Pascua. Patrimonio, Memoria e Identidad en Rapa Nui, by Claudio Cristino and Miguel Fuentes (eds.)

Riet Delsing
pp. 62-63

Review: Easter Island, Myths & Popular Culture, by Ian Conrich with Roy Smith, Martyn Harris, Frieder Wahl & Dan Bendrups

Georgia Lee
pp. 64-65

Review: Polynesians in America: Pre-Columbian Contacts with the New World, by Terry L. Jones, Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith & Jose Miguel Ramirez-Aliaga (eds.)

Art Whistler
p. 65

Getting to know you: Mara Mulrooney

pp. 66-67

Moai sightings

p. 68

What’s new on Rapa Nui

pp. 69-70

What’s new at the MAPSE

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What’s new in Oceania

pp. 70-71

What’s new elsewhere

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Easter Island Foundation news

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