Rapa Nui Journal May 2009 Vol. 23(1)

From the Editors

p. 4

Archaeology of Atafu, Tokelau: Some initial results from 2008

David Addison, Bryon Bass, Carl Christensen, John Kalolo, Steve Lunblad, Peter Mills, Fiona Petchey, Adam Thomson
pp. 5-9

Coming of age or stuck in an eternal state of narcissistic reflexivity and colonial guilt? Some thoughts on personal experiences of doing research on Rapa Nui

Olaug Irene Rosvik Andreassen
pp. 10-11

Identification of sites illustrated in the Easter Island report by William J. Thomson

Paul Horley
pp. 12-17

Colonization and the indigenous peoples of Australia, Aotearoa, and Rapa Nui

Tessa Keenan
pp. 18-25

Easter Island maps

p. 26

Post-Lapita health, lifestyle and mortuary behavior in Fiji: A brief report

Britney Kyle, Julie S. Field, Michael Kenyhercz
pp. 28-39

Fijian rock art sites revisited

Sidsel Millerstrom, Maria Cruz Berrocal
pp. 40-47

‘A Po inland statue project: The Rapa Nui youth involvement program 2008 report

Britton Shepardson, Mareva Cruz, Cristina Osorio, Veronica Vergara, Francisco Torres, Vai Torres, Javiera Tuki, Marta Vigouroux, Tiare Zuniga
pp. 48-54

The Metraux-Barthel correspondence (1956-61) and the Metraux field-notes of Easter Island [Part II]

Steven Roger Fischer
pp. 55-64

Obituary: Luis Pate Paoa “Papa Kiko” (1926-2008)

Grant McCall, Dan Bendrups
pp. 65-66

A look back: “Easter Island” based on William J. Thomson’s Report

Georgia Lee, Shawn McLaughlin
pp. 66-69

Getting to know you: Paul Horley

pp. 69-70

Review: Prehistoric Rapa Nui: Landscape and settlement archaeology at Hanga Ho’onu, by Christopher M. Stevenson, Sonia Haoa Cardinali

Andreas Mieth
pp. 71-72

Review: Archaeology and culture in Southeast Asia: Unraveling the Nusantao, by Wilhelm G. Solheim II

William S. Ayres
pp. 73-74

Review: Takona Tattoo, by Ana Maria Arredonado

Review: The tattooing arts of tribal women, by Lars Krutak

Tricia Allen
p. 75

Review: Easter Island. The lost forest, by Jean Herve Daude

Georgia Lee
pp. 75-76

Review: Easter Island. Unearthing ancient worlds, by Michael Capek

Georgia Lee
p. 76

Review: Astronomy and landscape in Easter Island: New hints at the light of the the ethnographical sources and Megalithic astronomy of Easter Island: A re-assessment, by Edmundo Edwards & Juan Antonio Belmonte

William Liller
pp. 76-77

Review: El orgullo de ser Rapanui documental (The pride of being Rapanui documentary), by Denise Ducaud

Shawn McLaughlin
pp. 77-78

Review: New exhibition in Paris: Rapa Nui, L’ile de Paques: Espace Fondation EDF

Paul Bahn
pp. 78-79


pp. 79-81

20 years ago in the RNJ

p. 81

Letters to the Editor

p. 81

Moai sightings

pp. 81-82

What’s new on Easter Island

pp. 82-83

What’s new in the Pacific

pp. 83-85

What’s new elsewhere

p. 85

Papa Vaka interpretive trail brochure (interior panel)

p. 86

Books about tattooing

Tricia Allen
p. 87

News from the Easter Island Foundation

p. 88

Rapa Nui Journal October 2009 Vol. 23(2)

From the Editors

pp. 92-93

The myth of A.D.1680: New evidence from Hanga Ho’onu, Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Mara A. Mulrooney, Thegn N. Ladefoged, Christopher M. Stevenson, Sonia Haoa
pp. 94-105

Painted and carved house embellishments at ‘Orongo village, Easter Island

Paul Horley, Georgia Lee
pp. 106-124

“A conspiracy of cartographers”: Notions of self-fashioning applied to geography

Bradley Stabler
pp. 125-130

Transcript of a letter dated May 12, 1953 from Sebastian Englert to Sir Harry Luke

p. 130

Rapa Nui’s political economy and the visibility of its monumental architecture

Dale F. Simpson Jr.
pp. 131-148

Tireless in retirement

Elaine Crumpley
pp. 149-150

Nahoe to Nahoe

Joan T. Seaver Kurze
pp. 150-151

Obituary: Veronica du Feu (1926-2009)

Steven Roger Fischer
p. 152

Obituary: Juan Grau (1917-2009)

p. 153

A look back: “Easter Island and its colossal statues” by Captain H.V. Barclay, R.N.

Shawn McLaughlin
pp. 154-161

Getting to know you: Britton L. Shepardson

pp. 162-164

Review: Rapa Nui: The navel of the world, by Jose Miguel Rami­rez

Shawn McLaughlin
p. 164

Review: Words out of wood: Proposals for the decipherment of the Easter Island script, by Mary de Laat

Paul Horley
pp. 165-168

Review: Rapa Nui Mulloy family photos, by Brigid Mulloy

Paul Horley
p. 168


pp. 168-169

Letters to the Editor

p. 169

20 years ago in the RNJ

p. 169

Moai sightings

pp. 169-171

What’s new on Easter Island

pp. 171-173

What’s new in the Pacific

pp. 173-174

What’s new elsewhere

pp. 174-175

What’s new at the MAPSE

pp. 175-176

News from the Easter Island Foundation

p. 176