Rapa Nui Journal May 2006 Vol. 20(1)

Official Conference Announcement: The VII Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific 2007, Gotland University

p. 4

Images of Tapati 2006

Vincent Dropsy
p. 6

From the Editors

pp. 7-8

Dating ritual structures in Maeva, Huahine: Assessing the development of marae structures in the leeward Society Islands, French Polynesia

Paul Wallin, Reidar Solsvik
pp. 9-30

New data from Poike (Rapa Nui-Easter Island): Dynamic architecture of a series of ahu

Nicolas Cauwe, Dirk Huyge, Johnny de Meulemeester, Morgan de Dapper, Dominique Coupe, Wouter Claes, Alexandra de Porter
pp. 31-36

Moai of Easter Island: A quest for ideal proportions

Paul Horley
pp. 37-40

Moai move – a student design project at MIT

Herbert H. Einstein
pp. 41-52

Moai moving 101

Vincent Lee

p. 52

General properties of the rongorongo writing

Jacques B.M. Guy
pp. 53-66

Easter Island: On the verge of a second environmental catastrophe

Petra Campbell
pp. 67-70

Moai mail: Stamp collecting and Easter Island

Stephen Pendleton
pp. 71-74

Making clay as an interdisciplinary activity with middle school students, International School of Dusseldorf

Andrea Wagner
p. 74

Getting to know you: George W. Gill

pp. 75-76

Review: The Renaca papers, by Christopher M. Stevenson et al. (eds.)

Dave Tuggle
pp. 77-78

Review: Archaeology of Oceania, Australia and the Pacific islands, by Ian Lilley (ed.)

Georgia Lee
pp. 78-79

Reviews: Easter Island and its mysteries, by Stephen-Charles Chauvet (Ann M. Altman, Shawn McLaughlin)

Paul Horley
p. 79


pp. 79-81

‘A Po: the Rapanui youth program, field report on lichen studies 

p. 81

Easter Island: Total area

Claudio Cristino, Roberto Izaurieta
p. 81

Artistic aggression

Beverley Haun
pp. 82-83

What’s new in the Pacific

pp. 84-86

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 86-87

Enduring Rapa Nui: The 2005 marathon

Susie Rutherford
pp. 87-88

Easter Island Foundation news

p. 88

Progress (poem)

Douglas J. Porteous
p. 88

Rapa Nui Journal October 2006 Vol. 20(2)

Call for papers: VII Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific, 2007

pp. 92-93

Before and after: Photos of Ahu Vaihu & north coast tupa – 1866 vs. 2006

Charles Love
p. 94

From the Editors

pp. 95-96

Economics and the Easter Island metaphor

Thomas R. Dalton, R. Morris Coats, Leon Taylor
pp. 97-110

Traditional Marquesan agricultural and subsistence. The historical evidence: General descriptions, garden locations, and agricultural calendar, hydrology and soils, cultigens, and agricultural Techniques [Part I]

David J. Addison
pp. 111-124

An experiment in the replication and classification of Easter Island mata’a

Robert Bollt, Jesse E. Clark, Philip R. Fisher, Hirosato K. Yoshida
pp. 125-133

A look back: Three voyages of a naturalist. Being an account of many little-known Islands in three Oceans visited by the “Valhalla,” R.Y.S.

M.J. Nicoll
pp. 134-137

Nicolay N. Miklouho-Maclay – a great humanist, scientist, and explorer

Paul Horley
pp. 138-139

Getting to know you: Helene Martinsson-Wallin

pp. 140-141

Reviews: “Beyond Horrible” A Review of Blue Planet & Beyond by Jeffrey T. Barbour

Shawn McLaughlin
pp. 141-144

Reviews: The sweet potato in Oceania: A reappraisal by Chris Ballard et al. (eds.)

Scott Nicolay
pp. 144-146


p. 146

Moai sightings

p. 146

What’s new in the Pacific

pp. 147-148

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 148-150

“Aku Aku from afar” an exhibition about the 1955/56 Norwegian Archaeological Expedition to Rapa Nui – as remembered locally

Olaug Irene Rosvik Andreassen
pp. 150-151

Teach yourself Rapanui

Petra Campbell
pp. 152-153


p. 153

Easter Island Foundation news

p. 153-155

Before and after: Photos of Hanga Roa’s main street – 1981 vs. 2006

p. 156