Rapa Nui Journal May 2004 Vol. 18(1)

From the Editors

p. 5-6

Obituary: Emily Ross Mulloy

p. 6

Obituary: Robert Langdon

p. 6

Archaeological excavation at Vinapu (Rapa Nui)

Helene Martinsson-Wallin
pp. 7-9

Nothing but stones? A review of the extent and technical efforts of prehistoric stone mulching on Rapa Nui

Hans-Rudolf Bork, Andreas Mieth, Bernd Tschochner
pp. 10-14

Paradoxical hyperbole: Imagining Rapa Nui’s remoteness and mystery

Douglas J. Porteous
pp. 15-17

Rapa Nui: A hyperbolic iconography

Douglas J. Porteous
pp. 17-19

What’s new in Maastricht, the Netherlands

Herbert von Saher
p. 19

Where have all the koro gone?

Grant McCall
pp. 20-22

Coming of age on Rapa Nui: On doing anthropological field work among the Rapanui youth

Olaug Irene Røsvik Andreassen
pp. 22-23

Colonialism and resistance in Rapa Nui

Riet Delsing
pp. 24-30

Rapa Nui’s sea creatures

Georgia Lee
pp. 31-38

Where does the Santiago staff begin?

Jacques B.M. Guy
pp. 39-41

Reply to Guy

Steven R. Fischer
p. 42

‘A Po: the Rapa Nui youth archaeology program, Puna Pau field report

Britton L. Shepardson, Irene Arevalo Nazrala, Turi Atan Rodriguez, Makarena Barri­a Orellana, Nikolas Cortes Pakomio, Samson Jacobo Riroroko, Valeria Jara Bustos, Camilo Johnson Amorrortu, Vaitiare Merino Rapu, Yasna Monares Zuniga, Francisca Pont Icka, Francisco Torres Hochstetter, Veronica Vergara Salvatierra
pp. 43-46

A look back: Voyage to Easter Island, 1877, by Alphonse Louis Pinart

Ann M. Altman
pp. 47-55

Early speculations on Rapanui: Letter from Thomas Croft to Alphonse Pinart, 1876

Yoram Meroz
pp. 56-57

Review: Fifty years in the field. Essays in honour and celebration of Richard Shutler Jr.’s archaeological career, by Stuart Bedford et al. (eds.)

Mike Carton, Dave Tuggle
pp. 58-60

Review: The riddle of pre-contact World maps: 1421, the year China discovered America, by Gavin Menzies

Herbert von Saher
pp. 60-66

Review: Easter Island: Scientific exploration into the World’s environmental problems in microcosm, by John Loret et al. (eds.)

Shawn McLaughlin
pp. 66-67

Review: Moon Handbooks Tahiti, including the Cook Islands, by David Stanley

Shawn McLaughlin
p. 68

Review: Moon Handbooks: Micronesia, by Neil M. Levy

Felicia R. Beardsley
pp. 68-69

Letters to the Editor

pp. 69-70

Moai sightings

p. 71

What’s new in the Pacific

pp. 72-74

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 74-78


pp. 78-79

Easter Island Foundation news

pp. 79-80

Rapa Nui Journal October 2004 Vol. 18(2)

From the Editors

p. 85-86

Rongorongo and the rock art of Easter Island

Shawn McLaughlin
pp. 87-94

Phytolithic evidence for the introduction of Schoenoplectus californicus subsp. totora at Easter Island

L.Vrydaghs, C. Cocquyt, T. Van de Vijver, P. Goetghebeur
pp. 95-106

Where in the World are the moai?

Len Sharp, Fran Nottage
p. 107

Studying Easter Island’s molluscan fauna

Brett K. Raines
pp. 108-111

Feast and famine: a gourmet’s guide to Rapa Nui

Georgia Lee
pp. 112-117

A look back: Travel round the World onboard the ship Neva performed in 1803, 1804, 1805 and 1806 by Yuri Lisjanskij

Paul Horley
pp. 118-125

Images of the Marquesas from the Krusenstern expedition, 1804

Carol S. Ivory
pp. 126-130

A peek backward

p. 131

Getting to know you: Charles M. Love

pp. 132-134

Review: The long summer: How climate changed civilization, by Brian Fagan

Georgia Lee
p. 134

Review: Between Nature and Culture: The burial of the placenta in French Polynesia, by Bruno Saura

Ann M. Altman
pp. 134-135

Review: Ra’ivavae. Archaeological survey of Ra’ivavae, French Polynesia, by Edmundo Edwards

Sidsel Millerstrom
pp. 135-136

Review: Early visitors to Easter Island, 1864-1877. The reports of Eugene Eyraud, Hippolyte Roussel, Pierre Loti and Alphonse Pinart (translated by Ann M. Altman)

Shawn McLaughlin
pp. 136-137

Letters to the Editor

pp. 137-138

Moai sightings

pp. 138-139

What’s new elsewhere

p. 139

What’s new in the Pacific

pp. 140-142

What’s new in Hanga Roa

p. 142


p. 142-143

Easter Island Foundation news

pp. 143-144