Rapa Nui Journal May 2003 Vol. 17(1)

From the Editors

p. 3

Obituary: E.N. Ferdon Jr. (1913-2002)

p. 4

Obituary: Jehanne Teilhet-Fisk (1939-2002)

Hilary Scothorn
pp. 4-5

Obituary: Felipe Teao (1917-2002)

Georgia Lee
p. 5

Obituary: Nicolas Haoa (1929-2003)

Grant McCall
pp. 5-6

In memory of the life of Niko Haoa: An outsider’s perspective

Christopher M. Stevenson
p. 6

El Nino/Southern oscillation and Rapa Nui prehistory

Joseph Genz, Terry L. Hunt
pp. 7-14

Life stories of women in Rapanui society in the first half of the twentieth century. Gender studies [Part III]

Ana Maria Arredondo (translated by Louis Noel)
pp. 15-33

Diminution and degradation of environmental resources by prehistoric land use on Poike peninsula, Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Andreas Mieth, Hans-Rudolf Bork
pp. 34-41

Some observations drawn from the putative genealogy of tablet G

Jacques B.M. Guy
pp. 42-43

The dynamic future of Rapa Nui

Francesco di Castri
pp. 44-48

A look back: The sojourn of the first missionary on Rapa Nui: Eugene Eyraud among the kanacs, 1864

Ann M. Altman, Judith Schwartz
pp. 49-57

Moai sightings

p. 58 

What’s new in the Pacific

pp. 59-61

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 61-63

Other news

p. 64

Review: Horizon: The mystery of Easter Island, by BBC

Paul G. Bahn
pp. 64-65

Review: Rapa Nui en los ojos de Lukas (bilingual edition), by Jose Miguel Ramirez Aliaga (translated by William Liller)

p. 65

Review: Diccionario ilustrado: Rapa Nui-Espanol-Ingles-Frances, by Arturo Hernandez Sallas et al.

p. 65

Review: Chile. Moon handbooks. First edition, by Wayne Bernhardson

p. 65

Review: Voldemars Matvejs (pseudonym – Vladimir Markov, 1877-1914)

pp. 65-66

Review: Pacific Landscapes: Archaeological approaches, by Thegn N. Ladefoged et al.

Dave Tuggle
pp. 66-68

Review: Circle of the sea: Creations from Oceania, by Norman Hurst

Deborah Waite
pp. 68-69

Review: A history of the Pacific islands, by Steven Roger Fischer

Joan Seaver Kurze
pp. 69-70

Letters to the Editor

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pp. 71-72

Easter Island Foundation news

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pp. 74-75

Rapa Nui Journal October 2003 Vol. 17(2)

From the Editors

p. 79

Archaeological investigations at the Pulemelei mound, Savai’i, Samoa

Helene Martinsson-Wallin, Geoffrey Clark, Paul Wallin
p. 81-84

Rethinking the traditional classification of Hawaiian poi pounders

Windy Keala McElroy
pp. 85-93

A classification of Hawaiian artifacts based on morphology and wear: Analyses of discoidal artifacts

Julie S. Field
pp. 94-105

Laupahoehoe Nui: Archaeology of a high-risk landscape on windward Hawai’i Island

Peter R. Mills
pp. 106-113

Study of the human remains discovered at Ahu o Rongo, Rapa Nui

Caroline Polet
pp. 114-118

The key role of Jubaea palm trees in the history of Rapa Nui: A provocative interpretation

Hans-Rudolf Bork, Andreas Mieth
pp. 119-122

Calligan’s lost rongorongo and some shipwrecks

Yoram Meroz
pp. 122-125

Toward the autonomy of Rapa Nui?

Francesco di Castri
pp. 126-130

Update on Rapa Nui veterinary issues and potential human public health ramifications

Jonathan Arzt
pp. 131-135

A look back: Easter Island or Rapa Nui by reverend father Hippolyte Roussel, Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Picpus, missionary on Easter Island from 1866 to 1873

Ann M. Altman
pp. 136-141

Review: “Earth Island” ten years later: a comparative review of The Enigmas of Easter Island by John Flenley and Paul Bahn

Shawn McLaughlin
pp. 141-145

Review: Easter Island, by Jennifer Vanderbes

Scott Nicolay
pp. 145-146

Easter Island Foundation news

pp. 146-147

Moai sightings

pp. 147-148

What’s new in the Pacific

pp. 148-150

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 150-152


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