Rapa Nui Journal May 2001 Vol. 15(1)

From the Editors

p. 3

A report from Rapa Nui

Grant McCall
pp. 3-6

The “fish” for the gods

Paul Wallin, Helene Martinsson-Wallin
pp. 7-10

Pacific voyaging: A subjugated knowledge

Riet Delsing
pp. 11-16

ENSO, climate variability and the Rapanui: The Basics [Part I]

Ferren MacIntyre
pp. 17-26

Livestock-related problems on Rapa Nui: Assessment and proposed mitigation strategies

Jonathan Arzt
pp. 27-30

Log of the El Dorado by N.P. Benson (Captain)

pp. 31-49

Conference announcement

pp. 49-51

Moai sightings

pp. 51-52

What’s new in the Pacific

pp. 52-53

What’s new in Hanga Roa

p. 54

Review: Easter Island archaeology. Research on early Rapanui culture, by Christopher M. Stevenson and William S. Ayres (eds.)

Paul G. Bahn
pp. 55-56

Review: Mangarevan archaeology: Interpretations using new data and 40 year old excavations to establish a sequence from 1200 to 1900 AD, by Roger C. Green & Marshall I. Weisler (eds.)

Vincent H. Stefan
p. 56

Review: Exalted sits the chief: the ancient history of Hawai’i Island, by Ross Cordy

Dave Tuggle
pp. 56-59

Review: Trespassers on Easter Island: explorers, whalers, slavers, adventurers, missionaries, scientists and tourists, from 1722 to the present time, by Hanns Ebensten

Georgia Lee
p. 59

Review: The continuum encyclopedia of native art: worldview, symbolism & culture in Africa, Oceania and native North America, by Hope B. Werness

Norman Hurst
pp. 59-61

Letters to the Editor

p. 61

Easter Island Foundation news

pp. 61-62


pp. 62-63


p. 64

Web sites

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Rapa Nui Journal October 2001 Vol. 15(2)

From the Editors

pp. 67-68

Commentary on the sailing raft, the sweet potato and the South American connection

Roger C. Green
pp. 69-77

Culture bursting out all over on Rapanui 2001-2002

Grant McCall
pp. 78-82

ENSO, climate variability, and the Rapanui: Oceanography and Rapa Nui [Part II]

Ferren MacIntyre
pp. 83-94

On the trail of lizard-man in Polynesia

J.-L. Candelot
pp. 95-104

Conjoined twins in Polynesia?

John Raffensperger
pp. 105-109

The development of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Chile 1967-2001

Tandy Shephard-Toomey
pp. 110-113

The South Seas of today, being an account of the cruise of the yacht St. George to the South Pacific, 1926

A.J.A. Douglas
pp. 113-119

WMF mission to Easter Island

Elena A. Charola
p. 119

Moai sightings

pp. 119-121

What’s new in the Pacific

pp. 121-123

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 123-129

Letters to the Editor

pp. 129-130

Review: Fiji’s natural heritage, by Paddy Ryan

Paul Geraghty
p. 131

Review: On the road of the winds: an archaeological history of the Pacific islands before European contact, by Patrick Vinton Kirch

Peter R. Mills

Review: Te Moana Nui. Exploring lost isles of the South Pacific, by Georgia Lee

Paul G. Bahn 
p. 133

Review: Possessive markers in central Pacific languages, by Steven Roger Fischer (ed.)

Joseph C. Finney
pp. 133-139

Review: [CD-ROM] Tahiti. Magie des Iles de Polynesie, The Pacific islands: an encyclopaedia, Album 2000 and Te Pito te Henua

Grant McCall
pp. 139-141

Review: Rapa Nui/Easter Island/Osterinsel Church music from the most mysterious place on Earth, by Jorg Hertel [music]

p. 141

Review: Art of the Pacific islands CD

Norman Hurst
pp. 141-143

Review: Art of the Pacific islands CD

Katherine Burton Jones
p. 143


pp. 143-144


p. 144

Easter Island Foundation news

pp. 144-146

Museum exhibition: Splendid isolation: Art of Easter Island, New York

pp. 146-147

Museum exhibition: Emblems of passage: Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas

p. 147

Web sites

pp. 147-148