Rapa Nui Journal March 2000 Vol. 14(1)

Official Conference Announcement – Pacific 2000, Fifth International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific

pp. 3-4

The context and structure of Ahu Kihikihi Rau Mea

Charles M. Love
pp. 5-12

Fish petroglyphs at Ava o Kiri, Rapa Nui: an approximation of a remarkable rock art site at Easter Island

Maarten van Hoek
pp. 13-17

Moai sightings

pp. 18-19

What’s new in Polynesia

pp. 19-20

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 20-26

Review: Te Pito o te Henua: Rapanui, directed by Merata Mita [film]

L.L. (Bud) Henry
pp. 27-28

Review: Tattoos from Paradise. Traditional Polynesian patterns, by Mark Blackburn

Georgia Lee
p. 28

Easter Island Foundation news

pp. 29-30

A look back in time

pp. 30-31


p. 31

Web Sites

p. 32


p. 32

Rapa Nui Journal June 2000 Vol. 14(2)

The Easter Island reports of Lt. Colin M. Dundas, 1870-71

pp. 37-41

The view of woman in Rapanui society [Part I]: Women in myths and legends

Ana Maria Arredondo
pp. 42-46

Notes from our readers: Rapa Nui land management: a personal chronicle

Jose Miguel Rami­rez
pp. 47-48

Moai sightings

pp. 48-49

What’s new in Polynesia

p. 49

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 49-50

Review: New Zealand handbook, 5th Edition, by Jane King

Steven R. Fischer
p. 50

Review: South Pacific handbook, 7th Edition, by David Stanley

L.L. (Bud) Henry
p. 51

Review: Micronesia handbook, 5th Edition, by Neil M. Levy

Felicia R. Beardsley
pp. 51-52


p. 52

Web sites

p. 52

Pacific 2000 abstracts

pp. 53-68

Rapa Nui Journal September 2000 Vol. 14(3)


p. 70

Origins for the Rapanui of Easter Island before European contact: Solutions from holistic anthropology to an issue no longer much of a mystery

Roger C. Green
pp. 71-76

Stone chicken coops on Easter Island

Edwin N. Ferdon Jr.
pp. 77-79

The view of woman in Rapanui society [Part II]: Rapanui women as seen through the eyes of seafarers, missionaries and scientists in the eighteenth century

Ana Maria Arredondo
pp. 80-84

An archaeoastronomical investigation: does a constellation pattern appear in Rapanui rock art?

Thomas Hockey, Alice Hoffman
pp. 85-88

Some words about Voldemars Matvejs [Vladimir Markov] and his book, The Art of Easter Island

Irena Buznska
pp. 89-93

Notes from our readers: The Sixth Polynesian languages forum on Rapa Nui

Kaliko S.C. Trapp
p. 93

Moai sightings

p. 94

What’s new in Polynesia

pp. 94-95

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 95-96

Review: “Lost Gods of Easter Island” [television]

Paul G. Bahn
pp. 96-97

Review: Easter Island. Rapa Nui, a land of rocky dreams, by Jose Miguel Ramirez and Carlos Huber

Georgia Lee
p. 97

Review: The Kon-Tiki Museum occasional papers 5, Essays in honor of Arne Skjolsvold, 75 years, Paul Wallin and Helene Martinsson-Wallin (eds.)

Georgia Lee
p. 97

Easter Island Foundation news

pp. 97-98

A fine time on the volcano

Grant McCall
pp. 98-99

Items from the edge

pp. 99-100


p. 100

In memoriam: Robert Ramsdell Koll (1908-1999)

Emily Ross Mulloy
p. 100

Web sites

p. 100

Rapa Nui Journal December 2000 Vol. 14(4)

Necker Island, Hawai’i: Astronomical implications of an island located on the Tropic of Cancer

William Liller
pp. 103-105

Easter Island Foundation 2001 grant announcement

p. 106

Rapa-Nui, or Easter Island, in November 1868

R. S. (Richard Sainthill)
pp. 107-110

The birds of paradise

Georgia Lee
pp. 111-114

More on moving Easter Island statues, with comments on the NOVA program

Charles M. Love
pp. 115-118

Moai sightings

p. 119

What’s new in the Pacific

p. 119

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 120-125

Letters to the Editor

pp. 125-126


p. 127

Notes from our readers: Memories of Samuel H. Elbert

Joseph C. Finney
pp. 127-129

Notes from our readers: The Hancock Museum’s moai maea

Leslie Jessop
pp. 129-130

Easter Island Foundation news

p. 130

In memoriam: Don Ramiro Estevez

Joao Vicente Ganzarolli de Oliveira
p. 131

What’s new at the EIF office

p. 132

Web sites

p. 132