Rapa Nui Journal March 1996 Vol. 10 (1)

When the Earth trembled, the statues fell

Edmundo Edwards, R. Marchetti, L. Dominichetti, O. Gonzales-Ferran
pp. 1-15

Conference Announcement: South Seas Symposium, Easter Island in Pacific Context, 1997, Albuquerque, New Mexico

p. 16

Salas y Gomez: A natural pollen trap in the Pacific and its significance for the interpretation of island pollen diagrams

John R. Flenley, L.K. Empson, G. Velasco
pp. 17-20

Pacific Ocean area numeral names compared

Lehman L. Henry
pp. 20-21

On an Easter Island rock drawing

Sergei V. Rjabchikov
p. 22

International news

pp. 22-23

Moai in Japan

Paul G. Bahn, John Flenley
p. 23

What’s new in Polynesia

p. 24

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 24-26

Letters to the Editor

pp. 26-27

Review: Kulturtraditionen der Osterinsulaner und ihre Christianisierung, by Josefine Hubbertz

Regina Pinks-Freybott
pp. 27-29


p. 29-30

Rapa Nui Journal June 1996 Vol. 10 (2)

Rat colonization and Polynesian voyaging: Another hypothesis

Atholl Anderson
pp. 31-35

Conference Announcement: South Seas Symposium, Easter Island in Pacific Context, 1997, Albuquerque, New Mexico

p. 36

Jubaea, the Palm of Chile and Easter Island?

Juan Grau
pp. 37-40

The eyes of the moai, lost and re-discovered

Helene Martinsson-Wallin
pp. 41-43

International news

p. 44

What’s new in Polynesia

p. 44

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 45-47

Review: Rapanui. Descriptive grammars, by Veronica du Feu

Steven R. Fischer
pp. 47-49

Review: Easter Island: The endless enigma, by Jose Luis Velasco

Dan Gartner
p. 49

Review: Fa’a-Samoa: the Samoan way between conch shell and disco. A portrait of Western Samoa at the end of the twentieth century, by Ad Linkels

Daniel Pouesi
pp. 49-51

Review: Kaho’olawe: Na Leo o Kanaloa (chants and stories of Kaho’olawe), by Roland B. Reeve (compiler)

Georgia Lee
p. 51


pp. 51-52

Rapa Nui Journal September 1996 Vol. 10 (3)

Role of biological anthropology in Easter Island research

Patrick M. Chapman
pp. 53-56

A fish (ika) tablet with hieroglyphic writing from Isla de Pascua discovered in Madrid

Francisco Mellon Blanco
pp. 57-59

International news

p. 60

What’s new in Polynesia

pp. 60-63

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 63-65

Review: Fiji Island handbook, by David Stanley

Kay K. Sanger
p. 66

Review: Speak Rapanui! ¡Hable Rapanui! La lengua de Isla de Pascua, by Ana Betty Haoa Rapahango and William Liller

Steven R. Fischer
p. 66

Review: South Pacific handbook, by David Stanley

Georgia Lee
p. 67

World Monuments Fund continues support to help in the preservation of Orongo

A. Elena Charola
p. 68

Letters to the Editor

pp. 70-71


p. 72

Easter Island Foundation news

p. 73

Rapa Nui Journal December 1996 Vol. 10 (4)

Introduction to the Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Easter Island Research: Rapa Nui Rendezvous 1993

George W. Gill
pp. 75-76

Bone tool technology on Easter Island

Felicia R. Beardsley
pp. 77-80

The Use-Wear Analysis of Obsidian Tools from an Ana Kionga

Flora Church, J. Grace Ellis
pp. 81-88

The great adze in the Smithsonian Institution: History and provenance

Adrienne L. Kaeppler
pp. 89-92

Variation and meaning of Easter Island ahu

Helene Martinsson-Wallin
pp. 93-98

A unique find of Easter Island

Paul Wallin
pp. 99-100

The use of caves as burial chambers on Easter Island

Leslie C. Shaw
pp. 101-103

Age of Easter Island settlement, ahu and monolithic sculpture

Arne Skjolsvold
pp. 104-109

Mechanics, logistics and economics of transporting Easter Island (Rapa Nui) statues

Jo Anne Van Tilburg
pp. 110-115

International news

p. 116

What’s new in Polynesia

p. 116

What’s new in Hanga Roa

p. 117

Arte cultural Rapanui

Joan Wozniak
pp. 117-119

Review: People of the Great Ocean. Aspects of human biology of the Early Pacific, by Philip Houghton

Georgia Lee
pp. 119-120

Review: The riddle of the Pacific, by J. Macmillan Brown

William Liller
p. 120

Review: Where in the World is Tonga?, by Samantha J. Fisk

p. 120