Rapa Nui Journal March 1995 Vol. 9 (1)

Japan, Rapanui and Chile’s uncertain sovereignty

Grant McCall
pp. 1-7

Comment on the two hanau

Yoram Meroz
pp. 7-8

The significance of Basque genes in Easter Island prehistory

Robert Langdon
pp. 9-15

Genetic affinities of prehistoric Easter Islanders: Reply to Langdon

Erika Hagelberg
pp. 16-19

A final reply to Langdon

Paul G. Bahn, John Flenley
pp. 19-20

Protohistoric rafts of the Society Islands

Helene Guiot
pp. 21-23

Easter Island Foundation news

p. 23

Tapati Rapa Nui

p. 24

What’s new in Polynesia

p. 25

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 25-28

International news

p. 28

Letters to the Editor

p. 29

Review: Voyage of rediscovery: A cultural Odyssey through Polynesia, by Ben Finney

Georgia Lee
pp. 29-31

Review: Archaeological investigations at Anakena, Easter Island, by Arne Skjolsvold

Frank G. Bock
pp. 31-32

Review: Easter Island: Archaeology, ecology and culture, by Jo Anne Van Tilburg

Paul G. Bahn
pp. 32-34


p. 35

Report of the meeting of the Sophora toromiro management group, 19-20 October 1994

Mike Maunder and members of the Management Group
pp. 36-37


Frank G. Bock
pp. 37-38

Rapa Nui Journal June 1995 Vol. 9(2)

Lines of descent: Of umbilical cords, ancestors and Ahupua’a

Catherine Glidden
pp. 39-45

Wahi Pana o Hawai’i Nei: Sacred sites in Hawai’i

Georgia Lee
pp. 47-54

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 54-55

What’s new in Polynesia

pp. 55-56

International news

pp. 57-58

Letters to the Editor

pp. 58-59

Review: Easter Island map #308 ITMB

Georgia Lee
p. 59

Review: Bois sculptes de l’Ile de Paques, by Catherine and Michel Orliac

Joan Seaver Kurze
pp. 59-61

Review: Easter Island. The heritage and its conservation, by A. Elena Charola

Paul G. Bahn
p. 61

Review: Geiseler’s Easter Island report: An 1880s anthropological account. Introduction, annotations and notes, by William S. Ayres and Gabriella S. Ayres

Georgia Lee
pp. 61-62

Review: Where giants walked [television]

Paul G. Bahn
p. 62


pp. 63-64

Easter Island Foundation news

p. 64

Rapa Nui Journal September 1995 Vol. 9 (3)

The oldest toromiro in the World

William Liller
pp. 65-68

Reconstruction of the transport of the moai statues and pukao hats

Pavel Pavel
pp. 69-72

Tomenika’s text

Irina K. Fedorova
pp. 73-76

Some iconoclastic thoughts about those Polynesian rat bones at Anakena

Robert Langdon
pp. 77-80

Alexander Dalrymple, forgotten man of Easter Island history

Robert Langdon
pp. 81-82

A fantasy Rapanui – two poems of the early 20th century

Hans van Groningen, Veronica du Feu
pp. 83-84

What’s new in Polynesia

p. 85

International news

pp. 86-88

What’s new in Hanga Roa

p. 88-91

Conservation assessment project 1995

pp. 91-92

Letters to the Editor

p. 92

Review: Isla de Pascua: Horizontes sombrios y luminosos (historia documentada), by Jesus Conte Oliveros

William Liller
pp. 92-94

Review: The Maui Handbook: Including Molokai and Lanai, by J.D. Bisignani

Kay K. Sanger
p. 94

Review: Ancient Egyptian survivals in the Pacific, by R.A. Jairazbhoy

Georgia Lee
pp. 94-95


pp. 95-96

Easter Island Foundation news

p. 97-98

Rapa Nui Journal December 1995 Vol. 9 (4)

Further evidence for cosmogonic texts in the rongorongo inscriptions of Easter Island

Steven R. Fischer
pp. 99-107

Pakomio Maori: Red-haired, blue-eyed key to Easter Island’s prehistoric past

Robert Langdon
pp. 109-117

The 1995 Cordell expeditions

Robert W. Schmieder, Carlos Nascimento
pp. 118-119

Cultural and artistic work of the group Tu’u Hotu Iti

Paloma Huke
pp. 120-121

International news

pp. 121-122

What’s new in Polynesia

p. 123

What’s new in Hanga Roa

pp. 123-124

Letters to the Editor

pp. 124-126

Review: Rapa Nui: Histoire de l’Ile de Paques, by Georgia Lee

Paul G. Bahn
p. 126


pp. 126-128

Easter Island Foundation news

p. 128