Rapa Nui Journal Spring 1990 Vol. 4 (1)

Rapa Nui Journal 4 (1) Spring 1990

1989 Habitation site excavation on Easter Island
Christopher M. Stevenson
pp. 1, 3

Marquesas rock art project 1989
Sidsel Millerstrom
pp. 1-2

p. 3

Review: Easter Island: The mystery solved, by Thor Heyerdahl
Paul G. Bahn
pp. 4-5

Review: An uncommon guide to Easter Island, by Georgia Lee
Walter Boggs
pp. 4-5

p. 6

A layperson’s guide to rongorongo [Part IV]
Alan Davis-Drake
pp. 7-15

What’s new in Hanga Roa
p. 10

Sinoto honored
p. 16

Rapa Nui Journal Summer 1990 Vol. 4 (2)

Rapa Nui Journal 4 (2) Summer 1990

The interpretation of site 5-72, an Easter Island ahu
Charles M. Love
pp. 17-20

Rapa Nui and the population explosion
Malcolm A. Clark
pp. 17, 20

Easter Island rocker jaws
George W. Gill
p. 21

The mechanics of reading Easter Island’s rongorongo tablets
Robert R. Koll
pp. 22-23

Galapagos reprise
Arne Skjolsvold
p. 23

Review: Juggling dates and swivelling statues, by Arne Skjolsvold (ed.)
Paul G. Bahn
p. 24

Response to the article on the Canadian Expedition of 1964
Francois Dederen
p. 25

The Brussels Rapanui exhibition: an enigmatic appearance
Steven R. Fischer
p. 26

Dr Alfred Metraux: the first ethnologist on Easter Island
Carmen Merino de Ginesta
p. 27

Letters and responses
pp. 28-30

Mulloy Research Library update
p. 31

Recent publications
p. 31

What’s new in Hanga Roa
p. 32

Rapa Nui Journal Autumn 1990 Vol. 4 (3)

Rapa Nui Journal 4 (3) Fall 1990

Some details of the journal of Jacob Roggeveen
Herbert von Saher
pp. 33-35, 45

The Poike ditch in retrospect
Carlyle S. Smith
pp. 33, 36-37

Historical summary of Merahi metua no Tehamana and the writing of Easter Island
Francisco Mellon Blanco
p. 38

A case study in International (mis)understanding on Old Rapanui
Steven R. Fischer
p. 39

The lost journal of Adam Smith
Steven R. Fischer
p. 39

Juggling dates and swivelling statues: Paul Bahn’s objectivity
Arne Skjolsvold
p. 40

Easter Island and South Africa?
W. Wilfried Schuhmacher
p. 40

Review: First International congress on Easter Island and East Polynesia, by Claudio Cristino et al. (eds.)
Frank G. Bock
p. 41

p. 41

Review: Rapanui’s Tangata manu on German television
Steven R. Fischer
p. 42

Letters and responses
p. 43

Review: The mechanics of reading Easter Island’s rongorongo tablets, by Robert R. Koll
Steven R. Fischer
pp. 44-45

Easter egotism, a review: The Kon-Tiki Man: Thor Heyerdahl, by Christopher Ralling
Paul G. Bahn
pp. 46-47

What’s new in Hanga Roa
p. 48

Rapa Nui Journal Winter 1990 Vol. 4 (4)

Rapa Nui Journal 4 (4) Winter 1990 – 1991

What’s new in Hanga Roa
p. 49

Some details from the journal of Captain Bouman on the discovery of Easter Island
Herbert von Saher
pp. 49-52

Transpacific contacts: the Mapuche connection
Jose Miguel Ramirez
pp. 53-55

Easter Island Foundation news
p. 55

Review: Terra-X: when the gods toppled. The mystery of Easter Island [television]
Steven R. Fischer
pp. 56-58

p. 58

Letters and responses
pp. 59-61

Life and times on Easter Island
M. Dodds
p. 62

The Moriori of Chatham Islands
W. Wilfried Schuhmacher
p. 63

Hawai’i, the Big Island
Georgia Lee
pp. 63-64