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The A Kivi – Vai Teka Complex and its Relationship to Easter Island Architectural Prehistory. William Mulloy & Gonzalo Figueroa. 1978.  Asian and Pacific Archaeology Series Number 8. Honolulu: University of Hawaii. Soft cover. $75 [#WM78]


Aku-Aku. The Secret of Easter Island. Thor Heyerdahl. 1958. New York: Rand McNally & Company. Hardcover with dust jacket. First edition. $10 [#TH58]

Aku-Aku. The Secret of Easter Island. Thor Heyerdahl. 1958. New York: Rand McNally. Soft cover pocket book. $5 [#TH60]


Aventuras en Isla de Pascua. Juan Grau. 1993. Santiago: Ediciones Oikos Ltda. Soft cover. First edition. (in Spanish). $25 [#JG93]

Boersma Paaseiland.indd

Beelden van Paaseiland. Jan Boersema. 2011. Amsterdam: Atlas. Softcover. (in Dutch) $30 [#JB11]


Chile & Easter Island. Wayne Bernhardsen. Lonely Planet Travel Atlas. 1997. Stiff glossy paper covers. $20 [#WB97]

Easter Island. Alfred Métraux. 1957. New York: Oxford University Press. Hardcover with torn dust jacket. $15 [#AM57]


Easter Island Archaeology, Ecology, and Culture. Jo Anne Van Tilburg. 1994. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press. Hardcover with dust jacket. $60 [#JV94]


Easter Island Earth Island. Paul Bahn & John Flenley. 1992. London: Thames & Hudson. $10 [#BF92]

Easter Island. Land of Mysteries. Peggy Mann. 1976. New York: Holt, Rhinehart and Winston. Hardover in torn dust jacket. $10 [#PM76]


Easter Island – The Mystery Solved. Thor Heyerdahl. 1989. New York: Random House. Hardcover with dust jacket, ex-library. $5 [#TH89]


Easter Island. Mystery of the Stone Giants.  Catherine & Michel Orliac. 1995. New York: Abrams. Soft cover. $5 [#CO95]


Ethnology of Easter Island. Alfred Métraux. 1971. Honolulu: Bishop Museum Press. Soft cover. $100 [#AM71]


Expeditionen in die Sudsee. Ethnologisches Museum. 2007. Berlin: Reimer. Thick paper covers. (in German) $40 [#EM07]

Flowering Plants of Easter Island. Georg Zizka. 1991. Frankfurt: Palmengarten. Soft cover. Classic reference on Easter Island flora. $50 [#GZ91]


Glyph-Breaker. Steven Roger Fischer. 1997. New York: Copernicus. Hardcover with dust jacket. $20 [#SF97]

Heirs of Great Adventure. The History of Balfour Williamson and Company Limited. Book 1 (1851-1901) and Book 2 (1901-1951). Wallis Hunt. 1951. Norwich: Jarrold and Sons Limited. Hardcover, 2 volumes. $75 [#WH51]

InscribedInscribed Landscapes. Marking and Making Place. Bruno David & Meredith Wilson (eds.). 2002. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. Hardcover with dust jacket. $50 [#BD02]

Isla de Pascua. Michael Rougie. 1979. France: Delroisse. Hardcover, in cardboard slipcase. (in English, Spanish and French) $50 [#MR79]


Island at the Center of the World. Sebastian Englert. 1970. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons. Hardcover with torn dust jacket. $20 [SE#70]

Island of Death (Easter Island). Werner Wolff. 1948. New York: J.J. Augustin. Hardcover with torn dust jacket. $40 [#WW48]


The Island of Lanai. A Survey of Native Culture. Kenneth Emory. 1969. Honolulu. Bishop Museum Bulletin 12. Soft cover. $65 [#KE69]

The Islands of Titicaca and Koati. Adolf Bandelier. 1969. New York: Kraus Reprint Co. Hardcover. $60 [#AB69]

Journal of New World Archaeology Vol. VII Number 1. August 1986. (This issue is devoted to Easter Island and contains the following papers: Introduction, by Sergio Rapu; Red Scoria on Easter Island, by Jo Anne Van Tilburg; Residential Settlement History of the Rapa Nui South Coastal Plain, by Christopher Stevenson and Claudio Cristino; The Birdman Motif of Easter Island, by Georgia Lee; and Pipi and Pure: Ethnoarchaeology of the Rapa Nui Shell Industry, by Joan Seaver. ). $10 [#JNWA]

La Isla de Pascua y sus Misterios. Stephen-Chauvet. 1946. Santiago: Zig-Zag. Hardcover with torn dust jacket. (in Spanish) $75 [#SC46]


La Isla de Pascua y sus Misterios. Stephen-Chauvet. 1965. Santiago: Zig-Zag. Wraps. Second edition. (in Spanish) $50 [#SC65]

Lebensraum Ozeanien und die beruhmten Grabanlagen der Osterinsel. J. Huppertz. 1989. Stiff paper covers. (in German) $15 [#JH89]


Life and Solitude in Easter Island. Dario Verdugo-Binimelis. 2007. Hardcover with dust jacket. Bloomington: Author House. $20 [#DV07]

L’ile de Paques et ses Mysteres. Stephen-Chauvet. 1935. Paris: Editions Tel. Wraps. (in French) $400 [#SC35]

Melville’s South Seas. An Anthology. A. Grove Day (ed.) 1970. Hard cover with dust jacket. New York: Hawthorn Books, Inc. $30 [#AD70]

The Mystery of Easter Island. The Story of an Expedition. Katharine Routledge. 1978 Reprint. New York: AMS Press. $100. [#KR78]

The Mystery of Easter Island. The National Geographic Magazine. Mrs. Scoresby Routledge. December 1921. $30 [#KR21]


Osterinsel, Begegnung mit dem Horizont. Horst Gatermann. 1995. Munich: Verlag C.J. Bucher. Hardcover with dust jacket. (in German) $25 [#HG07]


Rapa Nui: Iorana Te Ma’ohi. Dilemas Estrategicos. Violeta Arancibia (et al.) 2009. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Wraps. (in Spanish) $40 [VA#09]


Rapa Nui. Easter Island. Fred Picker. 1974. New York: Paddington Press Ltd. Hard cover in chipped dust jacket. Signed by author. $25 [#FP74a]

Rapa Nui. Easter Island. Picker, Fred. 1974. New York:  Paddington Press Ltd. Hard cover. $15 [#FP74b]

Rapa Nui. Easter Island. Picker, Fred. 1974. New York: Paddington Press Ltd. Soft cover. $10 [#FP74c]


Rapa-Nui. The Easter Island Legend on Film. Kevin Reynolds & Tim Rose Price. 1994. New York: Newmarket Press. Soft cover. $5  [#KR94]


Rapa Nui. Un Mundo Perdido al Este de Polinesia. Fracesc Amoros. 2010. Barcelona: Sirpus. Wraps. (in French) $35 [#FA10]

Report of the U.S. National Museum, Smithsonian Institution for the year Ending June 30 1897. Includes Te Pito Te Henua by George H. Cooke. $100 [#SI87]

The Social and Political Systems of Central Polynesia. R.W. Williamson. 1924. London: Cambridge University Press. Hard cover with dust jacket. (3 volumes) $150 [RW#24]

Tepito o Te Henua. Luis Poirot. 1997. Santiago: Dolmen Ediciones. Hardcover with dust jacket. $35 [#LP97]

An Unusual Easter Island Carving. Ernest Stanley Dodge. 1959 Reprint from The Journal of Austronesian Studies 1(3):18-26, 1958. $15 [ED59]

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