Photo by Hilary Scothorn

Our Mission 

To work for the conservation and protection of Easter Island, its history, culture and environment through educational programs.

To facilitate Rapa Nui youth in gaining professional careers and expertise through our scholarship program, so that the Rapa Nui can continue to build a strong, independent community that respects their unique heritage.

To inform the general public of the importance of Easter Island’s compelling heritage and priceless monumental treasures.

To encourage research and dialogue about Easter Island and Polynesia among scientists and other interested parties through the publication of Rapa Nui Journal (in partnership with University of Hawai’i Press) and through international conferences.

The Easter Island Foundation is committed to supporting educational programs:


We provide scholarships to undergraduate college students of Rapa Nui ancestry who wish to earn a degree. Most of our scholarship recipients return to the island to employ their expertise, thereby giving back to their community.

Toki Rapa Nui School of Music and the Arts


Terevaka Archaeological Outreach


The William Mulloy Library

Photo by Hilary Scothorn

Georgia Lee on Easter Island in 1987

How We Started


    Our founder, Dr. Georgia Lee, spent 10 years documenting the petroglyphs of Easter Island. She earned her PhD in archaeology in 1986, the year she turned 60. In part because Georgia returned to university as a mature student in her 40’s, she remained firm in her conviction of the transformative power of education. She mentored and inspired many people to pursue degrees in archeology and anthropology. Georgia was never happier than when she was doing research on Easter Island, and she fell in love with the Rapa Nui people who guided her journey.

In 1989, the governor of Rapa Nui asked Dr. Lee if she could help find the funding to build a library to house the collections of anthropologist William Mulloy. She gathered like minded scientists, including Joan Seave Kurze, William Liller, and Kay Sanger. Together they set about creating the William Mulloy Library. From this humble beginning grew the Easter Island Foundation.

The William Mulloy Library remains a valuable resource for academics, students, and anyone wanting to know more about the history of Easter Island.




Photo by Hilary Scothorn

Easter Island is isolated in the vast Pacific Ocean, half way between Tahiti and South America. It contains spectacular archaeological wonders, many of which have been studied by scientists from all over the world. Even today, many of its mysteries remain unsolved and much work remains to be done. However, increased tourism, development and lack of infrastructure threaten its priceless heritage.

The Easter Island Foundation aims to build a solid endowment to assure the continuation of its projects. Your contribution is needed and appreciated. Please join us in helping to preserve this unique isolated island, its archaeological treasures and its living culture.

We invite you to tour our site. There is much to learn and see here, photographed and written by knowledgeable experts in Easter Island history and lore. Thank you for visiting! Maururu.

The Easter Island Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3). Donations are tax deductible.