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Easter Island, The Essential Guide, by Kay Kenady Sanger

Our best selling guidebook, updated and reprinted in 2015

Kay Sanger

ISBN: 978-1-880636-30-5; Soft cover, 214 pages, color photos with black & white illustrations, 2015 – $22 [#KS15]    

The most complete and up-to-date guidebook to Easter Island, this unique publication will provide readers with information about exploring the island, important sites to visit, history, archaeology and the Rapanui people, along with where to stay, play, eat and shop. (Limited availability)



Easter Island 1793 to 1861: Observations by Early Visitors Before the Slave Raids

Rhys Richards

ISBN 978-1-880636-28-2; Soft cover, 144 pages, 2008 – $15 [#RR08]

An exhaustive collection of reports, letters, and accounts —some never before published — from the first ships to visit Easter Island.  Illustrated with historic photographs, including some of the items collected during this period.

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Prehistoric Rapa Nui. Landscape and Settlement Archaeology at Hanga Ho’onu

Christopher M. Stevenson & Sonia Haoa Cardinali (with contributions by Joan Wozniak, Helene Martinsson-Wallin, & Paul Wallin)

ISBN 978-1-880636-26-8; Soft cover; 297 pages, includes a fold-out map 2008 – $30 [#SH08]

Contrary to past perceptions, the Easter Island landscape was a highly transformed and managed agricultural terrain that emerged in response to deforestation by the Polynesians who settled there. This volume adds a new dimension to scholarly investigations about why Easter Island’s prehistoric society evolved the way it did.

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The Reñaca Papers. VI International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific/VI Congreso Internacionalsobre Rapa Nui y el Pacifico

Proceedings of the Conference held at Reñaca, Viña del Mar, Chile, 21-25 September 2004 and hosted by The Easter Island Foundation and the University of Valparaíso, Chile

Edited by Christopher M. Stevenson, José Miguel Ramírez Aliaga, Francis J. Morin, and Norma Barbacci

ISBN 1-880636-08-5; Soft cover; 544 pages 2005 – $35 [#CS05]

This volume contains 54 papers in ten chapters, plus Keynote Address by Atholl Anderson. English papers have Spanish abstracts; Spanish papers have English abstracts. Subjects covered include palaeoenvironments, human settlement patterns, cultural identity, geophysical studies, human eco-dynamics, human biology in Polynesia, Samoan studies, anthropology and history, Pacific arts, language and culture, conservation management, and a General Session. (Limited Availability)

Early Visitors to Easter Island 1864-1877, The Reports of Eugene Eyraud, Hippolyte Roussel, Pierre Loti, and Alphonse Pinart

Translated by Ann M. Altman

ISBN 1-880636-05-0; Soft cover; 144 pages 2004 – $15 [#AA04]

This unique collection of eyewitness accounts describes Easter Island as it appeared after the mid-1800s. The accounts were originally written in French: the missionaries, Eyraud and Roussel, wrote for their superior of the Order of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary in Paris; Pierre Loti arrived on a French warship, La Flore, and his contribution is in the form of a diary. Alphonse Pinart came on another French warship, Seignelay. His is more of an anthropological study. Although Loti and Pinart were on the island a very short time, they still managed to see a great deal, and described the island as it was at that early date.  Includes an appendix  by Grant McCall listing all the known ship arrivals to Easter Island from 1722 to 1879. (Limited Availability)

Ra’ivavae. Archaeological Survey, French Polynesia

Edmundo Edwards

ISBN 1-880636-22-0; Soft cover; 226 pages 2005 – $25 [#EE05]

The lovely high island, Ra‘ivavae, has had a fascinating but sad history. From the arrival of missionaries, who encouraged the islanders to destroy their ancient statues and shrines, to diseases that struck the island in the early 1800s, Ra‘ivavae’s once proud society has become a quiet backwater possession of French Polynesia.  This important study of settlement patterns, ancient subsistence methods, and cultural history is the first ever for Ra‘ivavae and is of particular importance as modern agricultural projects and development continue to impact the evidence of the past. (Limited Availability)

Pacific Landscapes: Archaeological Approaches

Edited by Thegn N. Ladefoged, Michael W. Graves

ISBN 1-880636-20-4; Soft cover; 274 pages 2002 – $26 [#LG02]

This publication examines how humans have created culturally significant landscapes by building architecture and modifying the physical environment, and how that, in turn, molded human behavior. It considers the ways in which people created and lived in the landscapes of the Pacific prior to European contact. Edited by noted Pacific scholars Thegn Ladefoged and Michael Graves, the volume includes papers by Atholl Anderson, Shankar Aswani, Ethan E. Cochrane, Janet Davidson, Julie S. Field, Roger C. Green, Michael Graves, Thegn Ladefoged, Foss Leach, Takuya Nagoaka, Blaze O’Connor, Julie M. E. Taomia, Christophe Sand, Peter J. Sheppard, Christopher Stevenson, Stephen K. Wickler, and Richard Walter. (Limited Availability)

Pacific 2000 Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific

Edited by Christopher M. Stevenson, Georgia Lee, and F. J. Morin

ISBN 1-880636-18-2; Soft cover; 575 pages 2001 – $35 [#CS01]

Contains 12 chapters and 55 papers by 74 authors plus a keynote address by Dr Peter Bellwood. Subjects covered in the book include the latest research in the Pacific and range from ancient Polynesian sailing to contemporary social issues, from arts to origins, and from Micronesia to Easter Island. Chapters include: New Horizons in Pacific Research; Archaeology on Rapa Nui; Hawaiian Archaeology; Western Pacific Research; Samoan Prehistory; French Polynesian Prehistory; Arts of the Pacific I; Arts of the Pacific II; Anthropology on Rapa Nui; Polynesian Languages and Literature; Polynesian Physical Anthropology; and Conservation Problems in the Pacific. (Limited Availability)

Te Moana Nui: Exploring Lost Isles of the South Pacific

Georgia Lee

ISBN 1-880636-19-0; Soft cover; 163 pages 2001 – $25 [#GL01]

Georgia Lee traces the “discoveries” of European explorers, whalers, missionaries, and archaeologists as well as the modern-day inhabitants of remote and isolated islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Travel from Tahiti to Ra’ivavae, to Rapa Iti and Morotiri, to Mangareva and Pitcairn Island, to Easter Island, and finally to the Juan Fernandez Islands. The stories originating in these perilous waters are incredible; join Lee for an unforgettable journey through time and across the “great blue ocean.”

Easter Island: The Ceremonial Center of Orongo

Alan Drake, with illustrations by Georgia Lee

ISBN 1-880636-00-X; Soft cover; 110 pages 1992 – $14 [#AD92]

Orongo is one of the key archaeological sites on Easter Island, as well as one of the most stunning. Its mystique is enhanced due to its location and association with the Birdman cult. This guide to Orongo is profusely illustrated with black and white photos, maps and drawings of petroglyphs from Orongo, Motu Nui and Vai Atare. (Limited Availability)

The Easter Island Bulletins of William Mulloy

Reprinted and Bound in a Single Volume, Together with Two Other Papers

William Mulloy, with introduction by Patrick C. McCoy

ISBN 1-880636-04-2; Published by the World Monuments Fund and the Easter Island Foundation Soft cover; 170 pages 1997 – $25 [#WM97]

Published originally as a series of separate volumes by the World Monuments Fund, these important works were out of print for many years. This collection contains the four original bulletins with all plates and illustrations, plus two other important papers.

Bulletin 1 Preliminary Report of Archaeological Field Work, February -July 1968 Bulletin 2 Preliminary Report of the Restoration of Ahu Vai Uri Bulletin 3 Preliminary Report of the Restoration of Ahu Huri a Urenga and Two Unnamed Ahu at Hanga Kio’e Bulletin 4 Preliminary Report of the Restoration of The Ceremonial Center of Orongo, Part 1 Contemplate the Navel of the World. Preliminary Culture-Historical Research Model for Easter Island. (Limited Availability)

Easter Island in Pacific Context. South Seas Symposium – Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Easter Island and East Polynesia

Edited by Christopher M. Stevenson, Georgia Lee and F. J. Morin

ISBN 1-880636-13-1; Soft cover; 412 pages 1998 – $37 [#CS98]

This volume contains 64 papers by 90 authors. Chapters include: East Polynesian Languages and Literatures; Past, Present and Future: Polynesian Art in Context; Environmental Issues in Rapa Nui and East Polynesia; The Human Osteology of Rapa Nui; Archaeological Studies on Rapa Nui and in East Polynesia; Hawaiian Archaeology in the 1990s; Lithic Resources and Uses of Stone in Oceania; Body Ornamentation in the Pacific; Contemporary and Historical Aspects of Polynesian Culture. (Limited Availability)

Ingrained Images: Wood Carvings from Easter Island

Joan Seaver Kurze

ISBN 1-880636-12-3; Soft cover; 82 pages 1997 – $25 [#JS97]

This publication is an extensive study of Rapanui woodcarvings. Traditional and modern carvings are described and illustrated, many in color. The book includes descriptions of the holy figures created by island craftsmen for the church in Hanga Roa. This book accompanied an exhibition of Easter Island woodcarvings at the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology in New Mexico. (Limited Availability)

Te Tumu o Rapa Nui

Catherine Orliac & Veronique Willemin

ISBN 1-880-636-02-6; Soft cover, spiral bound; 40 pages 2005 – $12 [#OW05]

This delightful children’s book follows two Rapanui girls, Hierangi and Vaiahani, on their adventures while searching for a toromiro tree on Easter Island.  With text in Rapanui, English, Spanish and French.

The Day the Stones Walked

T.A. Barron, with illustrations by William Low

ISBN-10: 0399242635; ISBN-13: 978-0399242632; Philomel Books, division of Penguin Hardcover; 32 pages 2007 – $17 [#TB07]

From the author’s Web site: The Day the Stones Walked was inspired by my trip to Easter Island, one of the world’s most remote — and most mysterious — places. In this story, I imagine what might have happened on the day people suddenly stopped carving moai, the faces. And in my author’s note, I explore what the environmental disaster of Easter Island might mean for the bigger island we call Earth. Magical, dramatic paintings by William Low bring this book to life. Reading level: ages 9 to 12. (Limited Availability)

Inventing ‘Easter Island’

Beverley Haun

ISBN 978-0-8020-9353-0; University of Toronto Press Soft cover; 332 pages 2004 – $25 [#BH08]

This book examines the European construction of “Easter Island” as distinct from the indigenous concept of “Rapa Nui”. Richly illustrated, this book will appeal to cultural theorists, anthropologists and educators.  (Limited availability)

Easter Island Settlement Patterns in the Late Prehistoric and Protohistoric Periods. Bulletin Five, International Fund for Monuments

Patrick Carlton McCoy

Easter Island Committee International Fund for Monuments Inc.; soft cover; 164 pages 1976 – $50 [#PM76]

Long out-of-print, Bulletin 5 of this series from the International Fund for Monuments (now World Monuments Fund) is the publication of McCoy’s dissertation. We have original copies in brand new condition of this classic Bulletin that contain many photographs, maps, charts and illustrations.

The Eye of Easter Island

Susan Pfeil, with illustrations by Kathleen Del Prince and Laurel Ainley

ISBN 1-59094-062-8; soft cover; 40 pages 2005 – $5 [#SP05]

The Eye of Easter Island is a charming children’s coloring book. Join Professor Kiwi as  he explores the history of the island, legends and folklore, facts about the moai and more. From the Color with Knowledge Series.

The Gotland Papers

(Available in print from BOOKS ON DEMAND)

Edited by Helene Martinsson-Wallin and Paul Wallin (2010)

To DOWNLOAD the conference proceedings, Gotland University Press 11 – The Gotland Papers: Selected Papers from the VII International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific: Migration, Identity, and Cultural Heritage, please click here; To PURCHASE a hard copy of the proceedings, visit Books on Demand. To search for the book, type in the ISBN: 978-91-86343-07-1

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