Easter Island (Rapa Nui) lies isolated and apart in the vast Pacific Ocean. This lonely island, between Tahiti and South America, contains spectacular archaeological wonders, many of which have been studied by scientists from all over the world.

Easter Island is unique. Even today, many of its mysteries remain unsolved and much work remains to be done. However, increased tourism, development and lack of infrastructure threaten its priceless heritage.

The Easter Island Foundation aims to build a solid endowment to assure the continuation of its projects, for example, the publication of the Rapa Nui Journal, the only scientific journal dedicated to Easter Island and our college scholarship program, which has assisted 37 students of Rapanui ancestry since 2002 with the annual cost of their education. Your contribution is needed and appreciated. Please join us in helping to preserve this unique isolated island, its archaeological treasures and its living culture.

We invite you to tour our site. There is much to learn and see here, photographed and written by knowledgeable experts in Easter Island history and lore. Thank you for visiting! Maururu.