David Rose, President

Dave (shown with the former Mayor of Easter Island) is a retired attorney. He and his wife Gail became enchanted with Easter Island while on Georgia Lee’s Millennium Tour to Easter Island. They enjoy adventure travel and scuba-diving (Dave calls his scuba experience off Motu Nui “spectacular”).

Marla Wold, Vice-President

Marla became intrigued with Rapa Nui during her first college class at the University of Wyoming in 1969, taught by William Mulloy. Marla has a Master’s degree in Anthropology on the subject of the Rapanui language. Marla was the chairperson of the EIF Scholarship Committee for many years and is pictured here with Viki Haoa Cardinali, Rapanui language expert and teacher. Viki and Marla are founding members of the scholarship program administered by the EIF.


Kathi Merritt, Secretary

 (Shown here with Sonia Haoa and Melinka Cuadros Hucke) Kathi first visited Rapa Nui on an Earthwatch expedition in 2007; she returned to volunteer for Earthwatch in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and is eager to assist with future research.  Later trips were with family and friends to share the uniqueness and beauty of the island.  Kathi has over 40 years experience as a classroom teacher and school library media teacher. Kathi heads the EIF Scholarship program.

Rachel Lee, Treasurer

Rachel first traveled to Easter Island in 1992 with her grandmother, archaeologist Dr. Georgia Lee. Rachel lived with a Rapa Nui family for six weeks, and fell in love with the people, culture and beauty of the island. She hopes to uphold her grandmother’s legacy of engagement with Easter Island, and to support the Rapa Nui in their vision for the future.

Hilary Scothorn lives in New Zealand and is the Secretary of the Pacific Arts Association. Her Master’s degree in Art History was on the subject of Polynesian and non-Western art.

Gail Rose is a retired science teacher. Dave and Gail enjoyed their first visit to Rapa Nui so much that they returned twice more.

Elaine Crumpley is a retired science teacher. She has spent time on Easter Island teaching science classes to Rapanui students, which was an “amazing experience”. Elaine is a former member of the EIF Scholarship Committee.

Elaine Dvorak and her husband Don have conducted amazing kite-aerial photography projects on Easter Island and in Hawaii. Their aerial photos showing archaeological sites have provided valuable information to archaeologists on the ground.

Kay Sanger fell in love with Rapa Nui while working there with Georgia Lee’s research project in 1983. She has returned to the island many times, and works to promote education, research and preservation. Kay has an MA in Archaeology from UCLA and is the author of several books on travel, archaeology and rock art, including the EIF’s best-selling guidebook, Easter Island, The Essential Guide. Kay is a member of the EIF Scholarship Committee and a former President and Vice-President of the EIF. She is currently working as the executive producer of a soon-to-be released documentary about the passenger ship, SS Athenia, sunk in the Atlantic on the first day of World War II, Sept. 3, 1939. www.atheniaslastvoyage.com

Caroline Roe comes to the Easter Island Foundation by way of her passion for tiki and Polynesian pop culture, and has been the liaison with the EIF from Fraternal Order of Moai (FOM) since 2009. She is currently President of the FOM Foundation, the charitable arm of FOM. She and her husband Rob visited Rapa Nui in 2008 and enjoyed exploring the island, capturing the beauty of the island through photography, and she looks forward to returning. Caroline has a BS from Denison University in Psychology, and an MA from Duke University in Cognitive Psychology, leading to her career in Marketing Research. Caroline is a member of the EIF Scholarship Committee.

Julie Francis, is an archaeologist based in Wyoming. She has directed excavations at Clovis Mammoth Caves, Trappers Point, Legend Rock State Petroglyph sites. Native American rock art has been her primary research focus since the late 1980s. She has had the privilege of working with a variety of tribal representatives to gain a much richer and deeper understanding of rock art from indigenous perspectives and the critical role these sites play in the sacred geography of indigenous religious belief. Dr. William T. Mulloy was her undergraduate advisor at the University of Wyoming, and Julie took every class he taught. She was fascinated by his perspectives on Polynesian and Rapa Nui prehistory, and was deeply touched to visit Dr. Mulloy’s grave on Easter Island in 2008, and to learn of the reverence and honor in which he is held by the Rapanui people. Julie is a member of the EIF Scholarship Committee.

Elana Yonah Rosen has been collaborating to invite access to education for all since 1991. Her contributions include creating EDUTOPIA.org; founding Just Think, offering kids from diverse and distressed communities cameras and computers to tell their stories through filmmaking; and supporting young people via World Merit, a radically inclusive entrepreneurial organization with members from 150 countries. She looks forward to supporting young people on Easter Island with the resources needed to honor the Rapa Nui culture will allow the next generation to both preserve the past and explore their vision for the future.

Suzanne Long is a hospitality industry professional with over twenty years of experience in bar and restaurant management, ownership, public relations, promotion and event planning. Her previous charitable board roles focused on creative fundraising, Gala and other charity event planning, and expansion of social media reach and effectiveness, with the goal of increasing donor engagement and diversifying fundraising efforts. Suzanne earned her Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in Early Music and Historical Performance, and is passionate about the preservation of indigenous language and musical traditions. She is delighted to join the EIF board and to be a part of their efforts to support the Rapa Nui people in these and other pursuits.

Patrick (Pat) Weikle is Director of Partner Technology Strategy at Microsoft Corporation and is no stranger to charitable organizations, raising well over $5M for various charities over the years. Microsoft relies on Patrick’s skills to lead for his organization’s annual GIVE campaign currently generating over 1.5M in corporate matching for various charities around the US.
Pat currently serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors for Fraternal Order of Moai as well as serves as board member of the E.D.G.E. Foundation in Atlanta. Additionally, Pat actively volunteers with FurKids in Atlanta, PALS Atlanta, Love & Hope for Haiti, and Lost and Found Youth inc. Previously, Pat has provided board service for Atlanta Pride, Ben Cohen Stand-Up Foundation, GLEAM (Gay and Lesbian Employees at Microsoft), Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta, and Adopt a Golden Atlanta.

Joan Seaver Kurze, Emeritus Board Member

Joan’s interest in anthropology led her to UCLA where she earned her doctorate. Her fieldwork on Rapa Nui focused on the modern woodcarvers of the island. Joan was the founding President of the EIF and is the author of Ingrained Images, Wood Carvings from Easter Island, the companion book to an exhibition about Easter Island wood carvings at the Maxwell Museum at University of New Mexico in 1997. In 2018 Joan published Saints on Easter Island, detailing the history of the woodcarvings in the Church of the Holy Cross on Easter Island.


Charles Love, Emeritus Board Member

Charlie is a geologist and archaeologist. He taught at Western Wyoming College and has undertaken extensive studies on Easter Island, with special interest in the moai roads and the prehistory of Ahu Tongariki, as well as many other Easter Island ahu.

Dr. Mara Mulrooney, Editor,  Rapa Nui Journal

Mara Mulrooney first visited Rapa Nui as a student on an archaeological field school in 2001. She completed her masters and doctorate at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, where her field projects were focused on Hawaiian and Rapa Nui archaeology. She is currently a principal and senior archaeologist at Pacific Legacy, Inc. Mara previously held positions at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, where she curated a major exhibition, Rapa Nui: The Untold Stories of Easter Island in 2018-2019 that ran concurrently with a sister exhibit on Rapa Nui, Hare Tao‘a, Hare Tangata, which was a collaboration between Bishop Museum and the Museo Antropológico Padre Sebastián Englert (MAPSE). Mara has edited the Rapa Nui Journal since 2010.





Ana Betty Haoa Rapahango was the Librarian at the Biblioteca Rapanui at the Fonck Museum in Viña del Mar for many years. Betty is an Easter Islander and has an MA from the University of Chile. She assists the EIF as a translator for the Rapa Nui Journal and for EIF’s Scholarship Program.