Petroglyph Postcard Set

Drawings by Paul Horley
8 cards (6.75″ x 4.75″)
$12 plus shipping [#PH04]

Petroglyph postcards have been superbly drawn by Paul Horley and include birds and a lizard man at Ahu Nau Nau; a spirit figure and a shark and tuna at Ahu Ra’ai; the Vai A Heva carving on Poike; Birdmen at Orongo; and at Papa Tataku Poki, a turtle (pictured) and a tuna.

Each card includes a description of the petroglyph, along with dimensions of the original, and a map where the petroglyph can be found on the island.

Easter Island Bookmark Set

Drawings by Paul Horley
4 bookmarks (6″x2″ each)
$2 (shipping included) [#PH06]

This set of 4 bookmarks on textured stock were beautifully drawn by Paul Horley and feature Moai Piropiro at Rano Raraku, a moai kavakava carving, an ‘Ao (ceremonial paddle), and Birdman carvings from Orongo. (Note: a complimentary bookmark is included with each book ordered.)

Geologic Map of Easter Island

Oscar Gonzales-Ferran
Center Studies Volcanológicos, Chile
$38 plus shipping [#OG04]

This beautiful, full-color 40″ x 28″ (102 x 71 cm) 2004 geologic map (1:30,000 scale) comes in a heavy stock glossy color folder and provides information on Easter Island geology as well as plate tectonics and an oblique view of the island showing its volcanoes. Text is in Spanish with place names in Rapanui.

Rapa Nui Dingbat Font

(Click image for larger view)

For Windows and Macintosh platforms
$25.00 [#RD98]

Based on petroglyphs and Rongorongo glyphs found on Easter Island (and its artefacts), this font set consisting of over 200 alpha-, numeric-, and ASCII-based images is not only a novel way to dress up your computer design work; it’s a great way to become more familiar with Rapa Nui art forms!  Note: the dingbat font can be downloaded via email. Please contact the EIF if you are interested.

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