Our Partners

Our Partners

William Mulloy Library (Biblioteca Mulloy)

The William Mulloy Library (Biblioteca William Mulloy) is located at the Museo Antropológico P. Sebastián Englert (MAPSE) on the island. The library was named in honor of the late Dr. William Mulloy, an anthropologist whose research and rebuilding projects on the island contributed significantly to knowledge of the island’s prehistory. Mulloy’s collection of books, papers, maps, field notes and photographic materials forms the core of this scientific research museum, augmented by acquisitions and gifts. The Easter Island Foundation was instrumental in the creation of the library and continues to donate books and other materials.

Link to William Mulloy Library (Biblioteca Mulloy)


Fraternal Order of Moai

The Fraternal Order of Moai serves as the premier organization and social network for people interested in Tiki culture of the Polynesian pop era. Their core values are good works, fellowship, spirit, presence, preservation and celebration. FOM has several annual events, including the Chicago Area Tiki Tour (24-26 April 2015); Ohana Luau at the Lake, Lake George, NY (25-28th June 2015) and Ohana Luau by the Sea in Florida, new this year (1-3 October 2015). The Fraternal Order of Moai is a major supporter of EIF’s scholarship program. We are extremely grateful to be the beneficiary of their fundraising.

Link to Fraternal Order of Moai


Terevaka Archaeological Outreach Program

The Terevaka Archaeological Outreach Program was created to help Rapanui high school students learn ways of preserving the past while preparing them for the future. It has the following goals: to utilize archaeology as a foundation for education and opportunity within Rapa Nui’s island community; to promote awareness and expertise in archaeology and cultural conservation; to document, study, and conserve the remarkable treasures of the past that remain on Rapa Nui today.  The EIF is proud to support TAO’s educational mission.

Link to TAO Archaeological Outreach Program


Toki Rapa Nui Music School

Toki Rapa Nui Music School seeks to protect the social, cultural and environmental heritage of Rapa Nui via the construction of the Toki School of Music and the Arts on Easter Island.

Link to Toki Rapa Nui Music School


Biblioteca Rapanui at the Fonck Museum

The Biblioteca Rapanui in Viña del Mar, Chile, housed the collection of William Mulloy prior to the creation of the Mulloy Library on Easter Island. The collection now housed at the Biblioteca provides a place in mainland Chile where students and researchers can access books and materials related to Easter Island and the Pacific. Ana Betty Haoa Rapahango, of Rapanui ancestry, is the librarian. The EIF has donated many books and other items to the Biblioetca Rapanui.

Link to Biblioteca Rapanui at the Fonck Museum

Far Horizons Archaeological and Cultural Trips   

Far Horizons Archaeological and Cultural Trips has partnered with the EIF for many years. Their philosophy is that to truly understand other cultures, one needs to be not just an observer but a participant. Their trips explore how people live in the world today, the challenges they face, their traditions, their goals and their political environment.  Far Horizons conducts trips all over the world a portion of the proceeds from their annual trip to Easter Island is donated to the EIF. 

Link to Far Horizons Archaeological and Cultural Trips

The Thor Heyerdahl Institute

The Thor Heyerdahl Institute endeavours to promote ideas and principles within the following areas:

- Interdisciplinary research
- International dialogue / multi-cultural co-operation
- Protection of the global environment

The Institute was founded in 2000 and is located in Heyerdahl’s birthplace of Larvik. It has received funding from the Vestfold County Council, the Larvik Municipality and the Norwegian government. The  Institute is involved in local, regional, national and international projects.

Link to The Thor Heyerdahl Institute