“Moai” Sightings

Below we have compiled “moai” sightings from around the globe! 

Orongo game

Oronogo game_back

EIF’s secretary Kathi Merritt discovered this Ravensburger game called Orongo at Purple Cow Toys in Astoria, Oregon! Object of the game: Be the first to build a moai!



The large moai above were carved by Jim Messina of Massachusetts from local white pine.

Andrea Seigling-Blohm and Gunter Blohm (with Dr Adrienne Kaeppler) spotted this colorful moai sunset panel at their favorite Chilean restaurant in Hannover, Germany.


Kirsten Kinney spotted this Easter Island-shaped ping pong table (for the Rapanuiphile who has everything)! It is available from Anthropologie and was created by French artist Cyprien Chabert.


For those who can’t make it to Rapa Nui, Rene Donaldson reports that the Caliente Tropics Hotel in Palm Springs, CA has an Easter Island theme.


J. Donald Hughes found this moai on a window in Salzburg, Austria, and provided the translation: Do you know how long I will look like this in the open air? (Billa Wonders of the Earth sticker-book).


The moai above was sighted by Mecki & Victoria Heussen in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Part of an installation called Annunaki Watch (A Fire Inside), the moai was created by sculptor Matthew Welter of Timeless Sculptures for Burning Man 2013.

Antoinette and Veriamo spotted this wild print (by artist Daniel Samako) of Mickey Mouse on the Enchanted Tiki Island at WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney, Anaheim.

This dancing moai was spotted by Wayne Bernhardsen on a CD by Los Coronas, a Spanish surf rock band!

Nick Gow spotted this moai (image by Suzanne DeChillo, NY Times); the moai, created by Nathan Sawaya, is made of 75,450 Lego pieces and is part of an exhibit, Art of the Brick, at Discovery Times Square in New York!

This moai was spotted by Suzanne Williams at at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, CA, along with a classic VW Van with a small moai on the front.



Mark Oliver spotted this moai gazing out of a third story window towards the Roman colosseum in Arles, France.

This moai was sighted in the Santiago de Chile Airport in 2011 by Norma Barbacci.

These moai snowmen were sighted by Gillian Brodie in Canada.

A “singing moai” was sighted by Barbara and Marks Hinton in Marble Falls, Texas. It is for sale ($12,500!).


This moai planter was sighted by William Adams in the small village of Newport in western Wales near Cardigan Bay.


This race car moai, complete with tangata manu designs, was by built Carter and Eric Hughes for the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby in Skillman, New Jersey (submitted by J. Donald Hughes).


This atrocious moai sighting was submitted by Hilary Scothorn, who happened upon the Rapanui-themed slot machine in a casino near Santa Fe, NM!


Above are two views of moai in a painted mural near the Colorado State campus, spotted by geographer Dawn Wright.

This moai was sighted in a gift shop in Petaluma called HeeBee Jeebe by Mara Mulrooney.

Have you found a moai? To submit a sighting, please email your image to: books “at” islandheritage “dot” org.  Include your name, where the moai was sighted, and any other pertinent details.