Information for Applicants

To apply for an Easter Island Foundation Scholarship: 

The application deadline for a 2018 scholarship has now passed; to apply for a scholarship for the 2019 academic year, please visit this page in November 2018 to download an application form.

The Selection Committee consists of the EIF Scholarship Committee and the Easter Island Committee, which includes a representatives of the office of the Governor of Rapa Nui; and teachers from Rapa Nui.

Current year students who have been awarded a scholarship that wish to apply for renewal must fill out an application form before the annual deadline.

Important Selection Criteria (please read carefully):         

• Applicants must be of Rapanui ancestry, be under the age of 35, and have attended school on Rapa Nui.

• Applicants must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program in an institution or university, be in good academic standing  and have completed two years of study. Please note that EIF does not award graduate student scholarships.

Students who plan to return to Easter Island to work in their field of study will be given the highest consideration.

 • Students must complete the EIF scholarship application form which includes two short essays that describe student goals and explain how they will use their education once they graduate. Essays must be written in Spanish, English and Rapanui.

 • Applicants must submit transcripts of their grades from the past two years  and a signed letter of recommendation from their academic advisor, on university letterhead.

 • A recent digital photograph of the applicant must accompany the application; the image may be used to promote the EIF scholarship program and will not be used for any other purposes.    

 • Students who are awarded a scholarship will receive one-half of the award at the beginning of the year.  Each recipient must submit a mid-year report with grades to the EIF scholarship committee at the end of the first term, describing his/her progress in the area of study.  After the report is received, the second half of the award will be disbursed. Students who do not submit a report after the first term may not be awarded the second half of their scholarship.    

Occasionally the Scholarship Committee, on its own initiative and with the approval of the Board of Directors, will recommend a scholarship outside of the normal application process to an especially deserving Rapanui student.