The Easter Island Foundation was founded in 1989 with the mission of building a library on Easter Island and promoting awareness of the island’s fragile heritage. This 501(c)(3) organization has partnered with the Rapanui people and other groups and has achieved the following goals:        

  • supported the creation of the William Mulloy Library at the Museo Antropológico P. Sebastián Englert Museum on Easter Island
  • established a process to provide annual scholarships for Rapanui students who wish to continue their education
  • established a process to provide grants for research and environmental projects on Easter Island
  • sponsored International symposia about Easter Island and Polynesia
  • published books about Easter Island and Polynesia as well as the Rapa Nui Journal
  • provided books and materials for the Indigenous Guides Association and for schools on Easter Island

We invite you to join with us to help preserve this special island in the center of the world. 

Easter Island Foundation

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Easter Island Foundation Scholarships have been awarded for 2016!

We are pleased to announce that the Easter Island Foundation has awarded ten scholarships to the following Rapanui students for the 2016 academic year:

Oscar Jara Pakomio
Pechquinco Paola Passalaqua Hucke
Ghislaine Rebecca Tepano Tepano
Ariki Merino Rapu
Ma’ara Teave Atam
Americo Loyola Edmunds
Francisca Martinez Pakarati 
Marari Riroroco Cabezas
Teresita Manutomatoma Hotus 
Francisca Pakomio Villanueva
We are eternally grateful to our partners, especially the Fraternal Order of Moai, and all who donated to our scholarship program! These students represent the future of Rapa Nui and we are excited to be able to assist them with their studies.
For more information about individual students, click on the scholarships link on the right sidebar. 
Pictured below (L to R): Americo Loyola Edmunds (Fraternal Order of Moai Award); Viki Haoa (Island Scholarship Committee); Marla Wold (EIF Scholarship Committee Chair); Marari Riroroco Cabezas (Fraternal Order of Moai Award); Teresita Manutomatoma (Fraternal Order of Moai Tangata Manu Award); Natalia Tuki (Island Scholarship Committee); Kiva Teave Atam (sister of Ma’ara Teave Atam), (Fraternal Order of Moai Award); and Oscar Jara Pakomio (Fraternal Order of Moai Roger Danger Carlson Award).

 2016 Easter Island Ecology Expedition

What’s left on Rapa Nui?  The Search for Native Insects


Due to a fragile ecosystem and an extended drought (timed with the arrival of humans), Rapa Nui underwent a catastrophic ecological shift. This shift and associated human pressures resulted in the extinction of all native vertebrates and most native plants species. Today only a handful of endemic insect and plant species remain. This summer, join Jut Wynne of Northern Arizona University to discover and document what’s left on Rapa Nui – specifically native insects. Information gathered will be used to help conserve and manage the island’s natural resources. Environments likely to have been minimally impacted by humans such as caves, cliff faces, rocky coastal shorelines, and volcanic craters will be surveyed.
Objectives include (1) to better define the distributional ranges of the recently discovered endemic species; (2) to search for new species of endemic animals by sampling additional caves and re-sampling select caves; and, (3) to sample other extreme environments where endemic insects may occur. For more details, including dates and requirements, please click on the link below:

Easter Island, The Essential Guide, by Kay Kenady Sanger



Published in 2015 by the Easter Island Foundation, this is the most complete and up-to-date guidebook available. This unique publication will provide readers with information about exploring the island, important sites to visit, history, archaeology and the Rapanui people, along with where to stay, play, eat and shop. To order your copy, please visit our publications page on the right sidebar.


Rapa Nui Journal Volume 29:2 (October 2015)

Articles include: 

The Rapanui diaspora in Tahiti and Pamatai’s lands (1871-1970) by Diego Munoz; The 1946 trip to Rapa Nui, documented by the photographs of Gerstmann, Helfritz and Felbermayer by  Tania Basterrica & Ana Betty Haoa Rapahango; Terevaka Archaeological Outreach (TAO) 2015 field report: Archaeology, conservation, and toponymy by Britton Shepardson et al.; Terevaka Archaeological Outreach (TAO) 2015 field report: Engineering and renewable energy by Matthew Petney et al.; Ancient systems of resource management on the island of Pohnpei, Micronesia by Adam Thompson. Also included will be: Getting to Know You (Diego Munoz), book reviews, and news items of interest from Easter Island and the Pacific.

To subscribe or renew your membership, please download and mail the form available on our Membership page. To view the tables of contents from past issues, please click on the link on the right sidebar.   

Rapa Nui Journal articles now available in pdf format

We are pleased to announce that Rapa Nui Journal back issues and articles are now available on our website. Early volumes (1-7) can be downloaded as entire issues. For later volumes (8-25), pdfs of individual articles are available. Please visit the Tables of Contents page on the right sidebar and click on the link below each listed issue or article to download a pdf.

We are greatly indebted to Dan and Katherine Ingersoll for getting this project off the ground by scanning and providing pdfs of the first 23 volumes. RNJ Editor Mara Mulrooney and Bishop Museum Archaeology Collections Intern Channing Stephens provided pdfs of the remaining volumes and separated the back issues into individual articles for the website. We thank everyone who helped this project come to fruition! Hard copy back issues from various years are still available for purchase from the EIF; please contact our office for details. Current issues from the past two years will continue to be available by subscription only.

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Recently published:


Attention collectors of Easter Island stamps!

A new book by Steve Pendleton and David Maddock on Easter Island postal history is now available. Collecting Easter Island is a fantastic compilation of many years of research. The book will be reviewed in an upcoming issue of Rapa Nui Journal. To order the book now, please contact   booksales@pisc.rg.uk; PISC will send a Paypal payment request for the cost of the book (£30) PLUS postage.  (Even if you don’t have a Paypal account, the Paypal payment request enables the payment to be made by Paypal or a wide range of credit/debit cards).

This book is reviewed in the current issue of Rapa Nui Journal.

Recently Published:


A new Book by Riet Delsing, Articulating Rapa Nui. Polynesian Cultural Politics in a Latin American Nation-State, is available from University of Hawaii Press. Please click on the link below for details:

Articulating Rapa Nui: Polynesian Cultural Politics in a Latin American Nation-State

This book is reviewed in the current issue of Rapa Nui Journal.



Check out the new video from Terevaka Archaeological Outreach!

TAO’s mission is to offer experiential learning opportunities specific to cultural and natural resources that surround the local community; to promote awareness and expertise in conservation measures and sustainable development; and document and study both cultural and natural phenomena of the past and today. 

TAO’s 2015 field season was successful and two reports will be published in the upcoming Rapa Nui Journal. EIF supports TAO and their commitment to education and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of Easter Island.

TAO Promotional Video



Rapanui pianist Mahani Teave and theToki School of Music and the Arts on Easter Island recently raised over $60,000 towards building the first phase of the school in a fundraising campaign! EIF supports Toki and their educational mission. We thank to everyone who donated to this wonderful project! For more information, click on the link below:

Earthship Music School Easter Island – TOKI 

Visit the link to El Correo del Moai below for news from Rapa Nui:

El Correo del Moai

Visit the link below for the latest issue of Apuntes del Museo [Notes from the from the Museo Antropologico P. Sebastian Englert (MAPSE) on Rapa Nui]:

Apuntes del Museo


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